Kirklees proposed plan engagement exhibition, A62 smart corridor phase 1

In partnership with West Yorkshire Combined Authority, we are asking for your views on the amended plans to improve the A62, in Huddersfield.

When does the consultation open?

The consultation, which opens on Wednesday 4 March, aims to get the public’s views on proposals for a series of highway improvements to the A62 Leeds Road Corridor between the town centre at Northumberland Street and Old Fieldhouse Lane. This is phase 1 of a wider scheme to improve the A62.

The proposals aim to reduce congestion, improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists and improve journey times.

The latest plans have been adapted following feedback from an earlier period of engagement in November 2018.

What has changed since the last consultation?

Since the consultation, the council has developed the proposals in more details. One of the main changes road users could expect to see is the removal of the gyratory system that connects Leeds Road with Lower Fitzwilliam Street and Gasworks Street, and its replacement with new carriageway with signaled junctions.

The scheme also proposed a new signaled junction where Leeds Road connects to St Andrews Road.

The scheme provides better facilities for greener transport with a series of improvements to existing cycle provision to include a shared footway and cycleway, new bus shelters, with real time Information, bus boarders and the introduction of laybys.

The plans also include the planting of more trees and greenery along the roadside to help with air quality.

Details of how to get involved in the consultation, which is open from Wednesday 4 March until Wednesday 1 April 2020, are available online at There will also be a drop-in session on Tuesday 10 March 2020 from 10am to 7pm at the Hudawi Centre, Great Northern Street, Huddersfield, HD1 6BG.

The plans will also be on display at Huddersfield Library or Community House, 3-5 Town Avenue, Huddersfield, HD1 6PJ from Wednesday 4 to Monday 30 March 2020

Cllr Peter McBride, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Regeneration commented:

“This one of the most used routes in Kirklees, and at peak traffic times, the A62 Leeds Road is severely congested. If you are a regular user of the A62, you will no doubt be aware of the queuing traffic, delays at junctions and lack of facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. The aim of the scheme is to ease congestion, improve journey times and have a positive impact on the local economy.’

These changes are essential if we are to reduce the impact of our local traffic on the climate, standing traffic leads to poor air quality, increased usage of carbon fuels and the release of climate harming emissions.’

By improving the flow of traffic, and making better facilities for buses and active travel we are also giving people more reliable and sustainable options for how they get from A to B.”

West Yorkshire combined Authority is funding the £7.9 million scheme through the West Yorkshire-plus Transport Fund. The West Yorkshire-plus Transport Fund is supported through the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership Growth Deal – a £1 billion package of Government investment delivered in partnership with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority to accelerate growth and create jobs across Leeds City Region

Cllr Denise Jeffery, Chair of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Investment Committee and Leader of Wakefield Council said:

“By reducing costly and polluting congestion and at the same time providing improved facilities for bus users and better infrastructure for cycling and walking this scheme will help us meet our commitment to tackling the climate crisis.

I would urge everyone who uses the road and who lives and work along the route to find out more about the scheme online, come along to the drop-in event at the Hudawi Centre or visit the display at Huddersfield Library and make sure they have their say.”

Following the consultation, the council will submit its full business case to the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, who are funding this work through the West Yorkshire ‘Plus’ Transport Team.

It is hoped that work will begin on the changes by the end of 2020.

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  • Alison and Paul Morgan

    A disappointing plan. Improving roads for cars will mean more cars. It’s been proven. No dedicated bus lane. No dedicated cycle path . No plans to limit traffic. Not a plan that lowers carbon emissions. Until public transport and pedestrians are the key users and car drivers feel intrusive we will never get cleaner air. The plan is a reconfiguration of existing traffic flow that favours cars.

    Kirklees need to start making road improvements that are part of a total Kirklees climate emergency strategy and not do things in a piecemeal fashion. Where is the cycle network? It’s a patchwork of second rate provision. Where are the radical changes?

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