Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – managing your waste and recycling

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We would like to reassure you that we are doing everything possible to continue providing our waste and recycling service. However, the situation is constantly changing and you may experience some disruption over the coming weeks and months.

We will be updating the following information on a regular basis so please check back…

Kerbside Bin Collections

We are currently emptying all bins as normal.

Due to some planned operational changes, the bin reminders have been paused.  If you are unsure which bin is due to be emptied this week please check online.

Feeling unwell? Double bag your waste to help keep us all safe

Help us to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and keep our waste collection teams safe.

The Government is advising that anyone who feels unwell or is self-isolating should take extra care with their personal waste: Personal waste includes used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths/wipes.

Once used please throw these items away in disposable rubbish bags, these bags should be placed into a second bag, tied securely and kept separate from other waste and away from people who are not isolating.

Please keep these bags aside for at least 72 hours before putting them into your usual black wheelie bin.

People without wheelie bins who use black bags for their rubbish should follow the same advice about double bagging, separation and keeping the waste inside for 72 hours.

Recycling, household and garden waste can be placed in your usual bins.

Household Waste Recycling Centres

In line with Government’s instruction to stop all non-essential movement, we’ve closed all our Household Waste Sites until further notice.

Help us protect your family and stop the spread of coronavirus by taking your waste home and not visiting these sites until the pandemic has ended.

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  • Hi Robert, at the moment we don’t have a date for trailers but as soon as we do it will be updated on our website. ^CP

  • What date are we going to be aloud to take a small trailer as mine as been sat on drive for nearly three months now an is starting to hustle abit

  • Hi Jim, our tips are now open form today where you can deposit garden waste. please be mindful there will be long queues. Please only visit if you can’t safely store your waste at home. Check how long the queue is before you set off if it’s full please stay at home: ^CP

  • EliseKirklees

    Hi Christopher, that’s great. We are currently looking at ways to re open the tips safely. All the best ^CP

  • Christopher Lee

    The Bromley Farm recycling centre was being very well managed and controlled with the social distancing and flow control measures in place in the days prior to all sites being closed to reduce non-essential travel. We may have had to wait a little longer to use the facilities, but the system they had there worked. Could you consider reopening that site with the same procedures either as a trial or as the way forward.

  • Hi Wendy, we’re working on ways to safely open our recycling centres. A lot of residents have additional waste following the last few weeks of lockdown. The safety of residents and our staff are key. We’ll keep you posted! ^CP

  • Wendy Sworowski

    Hi government said all recycling centres would re open so when will Kirklees reopen please

  • What can we do with garden waste if it cannot be composted as it starts to smell

  • My understanding is that the Government wants recycling centres to stay open.You first closed because of social distancing then because of unnecessary travel. Seems you need to reopen fast before more fly tipping.

  • Hi Laura, our crews are working to capacity in these challenging times in order to keep providing a household waste and recycling service, as such it is not possible for them to take extra bags of waste. You can help to keep our service running for as long as possible by looking for ways to reduce your waste. You can find helpful hints online at: or by emailing Kind Regards ^CP

  • Hi Curious, we’re hopefully going to publish some guidance on our social media channels shortly around home composting ^CD

  • Hi are they now closed for the foreseeable future ^CD

  • HI Rachael, the tips are closed currently – ^CD

  • Will bin men pick up black bags extra to the black bin, as being at home with children all day rather than the few hrs we have when home from school has created much more waste.

  • Hi what can we do with any garden waste we need to get rid of?

  • thankful customer

    Thanks Elise and team for all that you do for us 🙂

  • Are the recycling centres open today or are they closed for at least 3 weeks.

  • Hi is the tip in Dewsbury opening back up today ? Thanks

  • Why is this information not on the front page of the Kirklees website? Also what is the long term plan as there is bound to be more household waste produced now that people are having to stay at home?

  • It seems we are blessed in this country with a mass of ignorant folk,like those who ignore signs to keep dogs on leads and pick up the poo.

  • Hello, due to some people who were visiting the tips yesterday refusing to follow guidance on social distancing, some have been temporarily closed (Nab Lane, Bromley Farm), we are looking to get these reopened later today. For more information please read our most recent article: Kind regards ^EMT

  • Hi. The main site in Huddersfield was closed yesterday. Will this be open today and this week? Was it just a temporary shut down. Thanks

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