Our Covid-19 Community Response helpline is open

neighbours helping each other

We’ve opened a new dedicated helpline as part of our Covid-19 Community Response.

We’re working alongside our citizens and local organisations to make sure that together we can all support our neighbours and communities over the coming weeks. We’re working especially closely with local voluntary sector organisations through our partners at Volunteering Kirklees (part of Third Sector Leaders). 

Together we’ve developed a co-ordinated Community Response, including a Kirklees Council helpline and online forms that anyone can use to either request help, or to offer support to others. Our response teams in local places will be matching requests for help with offers of support, so that we can work together to support the most vulnerable in our communities. 

How to request support or offer support

Please let us know about the things you (or someone who you are concerned about) need help with. You can also tell us how you (or your organisation) can support others.

The helpline will initially be open from 8am to 6pm weekdays. We will review this daily. You can share information with us online at any time.

Support for local groups

We are listening to what local mutual aid groups and voluntary organisations need so that we can offer more support and advice where needed. Our partners at Volunteering Kirklees are also here to support you if your organisation needs urgent help from more volunteers. Your organisation can promote volunteering opportunities on the Volunteering Kirklees website, or ask for advice and learn from what other organisations are doing. If you’d like to help a local organisation through this difficult time, you can sign up to be a volunteer.

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  • Hello. We know there are a great deal of people with varying need in our communities and that this is a very worrying time for families and individuals. We are working alongside our partners including the NHS to identify those who require support during this emergency. The Community Response helpline and online request for support is one of these ways – and anyone can let us know about someone vulnerable who may need support. Many communities are self-organising are also offering valuable support where needed.

    Covid-19 Community Response:

    NHS advice for people at high risk:

    Mutual aid:

  • That’s excellent, though I’m still worried that there might be vulnerable old people out there. My 97 year old mother lives on her own and only has me to care for her. Had I not been here for her, she would have been totally isolated. No one in authority has been in contact yet. Do the local authority have a list to check that this vulnerable group is idetified and supported if necessary?

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