Changes to housing allocations process in Kirklees

As part of our commitment to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), in partnership with KNH we have suspended the Choose n Move housing allocation service.

The Choose n Move service

The Choose n Move service allows people to bid for council and social housing properties.  We have made the decision to suspend the service and we have contacted those who have already been allocated property to advise that they will not be given a moving date until after social distancing measures have ended.   Properties that hadn’t been allocated will be placed on hold,  with all bids being considered once the situation improves.

Will I be evicted as a direct result of the coronavirus? 

We confirmed last week that no council housing tenant would be evicted as a direct result of the coronavirus outbreak.  We encouraged anyone who was struggling with their rent should get in touch with their housing provider for support.

Cllr Cathy Scott Cabinet Member for Housing said:

“The council remains committed to making sure everyone has somewhere safe to sleep, especially at this difficult time.  Our officers have been out on the streets offering beds to those who are rough sleeping, and our housing solutions service continues to provide support to those who are at immediate risk of homelessness.  We’ve suspended Choose n Move as it wouldn’t be appropriate to put individuals and the NHS at risk by continuing to ask people to bid, view, sign-up and move into properties when we should all be staying at home and maintaining social distancing.’

The current global situation is having a significant impact on local lives and that people are understandably concerned about their financial situation, especially how they will pay their rent. Both Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing and Pinnacle offer a very supportive service to their tenants to help them manage their rent account and deal with any rent arrears. If you are concerned or struggling to pay please get in touch as early as possible and so we can give you the individual support you need.”

Contact KNH

KNH can be contacted by visiting their website.

Are you supported by Pinnacle? 

Tenants supported by Pinnacle should call 0330 0361517 or email

Support for tenants who live in privately rented accommodation 

The government has also announced support for tenants who live in privately rented accommodation. More information can be found on the government website. 

Are you at immediate risk of homelessness? 

Anyone who is at immediate risk of homelessness should contact housing solutions on by calling 01484 221350 or emailing


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