Programme of essential road maintenance begins this week

We’re carrying out surface dressing on 29 roads across the district this month.

Our contractors will begin the road preparation works by removing cats eyes. Cats eyes are removed and then replaced at the new level once work has been completed.

When will the rest of the work take pace?

It is anticipated that the surface dressing treatment itself will start in May 2020. It will continue on a rolling programme working around the area until it is completed in June 2020.  This is subject to operational and environmental delays and any change in Government guidelines on Covid-19 restrictions.

What is surface dressing?

During the works the roads will be covered in a layer of bitumen before gravel is applied and then rolled to create a new surface.

This type of road resurfacing is essential work which not only seals the road surface reduces the risk of potholes forming over the next few years. It also increases skid resistance to keep the roads safe.  As the work can only be completed during warmer weather it isn’t possible to wait until after the pandemic to carry it out.

How can you help?

We’re asking that local residents respect the people working on the roads, as they are continuing to provide vital public services at this challenging time. The Department for Transport has previously said that roads remain open and that they expect works, including emergency and other street works to maintain utility services to continue, ensuring that life-saving medicine, equipment, supplies and healthcare staff can travel across the country to where they are needed most.

Our contractors will at all times be following the Public Health England’s advice in relation to preventing the spread of the virus.

Cllr Rob Walker, Cabinet member for environment said:

“In the current situation, It’s easy to forget that some things we take for granted still need to be maintained,  the roads our emergency services and delivery drivers travel on need to be repaired, utility companies need to keep us in gas and water. Internet companies need to manage the demand for bandwidth by continuing to expand their networks. The men and women working on our roads are coming to work each day, increasing their chances of catching this deadly virus for our benefit,  so please treat them with the respect they deserve.

Unfortunately we cannot resurface every road in Kirklees. We prioritise those on the network that have been waiting longest or that are busier routes in urgent need of repair.   We will continue to make patch repairs on other roads as part of our ongoing maintenance work.  If you live on one of the roads being treated you may be asked to move your car whilst the work takes place,  this is a necessary inconvenience and we are grateful for your understanding.”

Full list of roads affected


  • New Hey Road misses again?????????

  • Hollin House Lane is virtually all unbound base course / road base with hardly anything protecting the foundation. Had it been attended to a couple of years ago (surface dressing would have been ideal) it would have saved many thousands of pounds. It needs a complete wearing course now. When is this planned for please? It won’t last another winter.

  • EliseKirklees

    Hi Penny, we are looking at safe ways to do this. Kind regards^CP

  • Hi John, can you please report this so our team are aware, Kind Regards^CP

  • Thanks for the feedback David, we will look to is this in the future! Best ^CP

  • Hi Allison, at the moment the work we have planned is in the spreadsheet in the article. Please can you report any potholes or issues with roads that you see via this link so our team is aware of this? All the best and stay safe! ^cp

  • When will you be re-surfacing Barcroft Road, Newome It’s pot hole hell from one end to the other. Not good for vehicles and cycles at all.

  • The full list above needs to be converted into PDF so we can view it. not a lot of people have Excel on their home computers.

  • I have witnessed these roads. There is a pot hole near the zebra crossing that is not only a danger to the leg of a pedestrian, but could easily cause a motorbike or cyclist to up-end and throw the rider off, or a car wheel to be damaged to the point it is un-roadworthy. Simply put, the roads mentioned by Roger are very dangerous.

  • Huddersfield centric again.

  • The majority of the roads are of course in Huddersfield. Only one road in BD19.

    It seems all the money is spent in Huddersfield or Dewsbury. I wonder why?

  • David Pursehouse

    The problems with Dunford Road have been reported many times over the previous several months and it is a disgrace, spoiling the town centre. It does not appear on the list of 29 roads, so just when can we expect them to be attended to? By the sound of it not this year. You will have many claims for damage to suspension, tyres and possibly even crashes as a direct result of the poor state of the road joining the main a road through Holmfirth.

  • I understand that Greater Manchester are reopening their tips, is there any chance our can be reopened

  • Hi Roger, there is a list of the roads being worked on at the bottom of the article that you can download. Please can you report potholes/defects via this link? Thanks ^CP

  • We have been waiting over 10 years for our road to be done, does that mean we will get our road done now being as we have been waiting one of the longest!!

  • Roger Hallsworth

    Will you also be carrying out repair work on the very poor road conditions at the Bottom of Dunford road in the centre of Holmfirth i.e Very pad pot holes, road surfaces dissapeared orounf manhole covers in the road and water ingress into the road surface. All this is very bad

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