We have collaborated with Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing to help the districts most vulnerable adults

A few weeks ago the government announced that residents who are medically at risk of catching COVID19 were to stay home and isolate for 12 weeks.

This means that there are thousands of residents in Kirklees who have been asked to stay home and not venture out. Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing has a team of 60 staff who have been working tirelessly to contact people who have received this order to do a wellness check and identify whether they need any additional support.

What happens once they contact someone?

Staff carry out wellness checks to make sure residents have access to food, money and whether they are completely isolated or in need of someone to talk too. The list of names is updated daily and is in the thousands.

What if they don’t have access to food or money?

The team at KNH will identify whether a resident needs support to access food and will then worked with our Markets and Culture and Tourism staff who have been putting together food parcels throughout the day delivering them to residents across the district. (Contact-free!) They have delivered hundreds so far and will continue to do so over the next 12 weeks.

Our teams at KNH have been working tirelessly from home and the markets to ensure that residents in Kirklees who are of a High Risk are looked after. We want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU!!


  • That’s very Kind Patricia. At the moment the team isn’t looking for volunteers however there are other ways in which you can help residents within the community. You find offer support online here – https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/advice-support-and-sharing/covid-19-community-response.aspx All the best & stay safe ^CP

  • Patricia Barstow

    A thank you to everyone involved in this valuable work.

    I am willing to give time to contact people on your list if necessary.

  • Following me receiving a letter from NHS, classifying me as extremely vulnerable and me registering on the government website, I received a call from one of our local heros. She asked if I needed food shopping done and if I had enough medication. It was delightful to speak with her and found the whole experience very comforting. Thank you all for your thoughfulness and support.

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