Foster care in Kirklees – changing young lives

At this difficult time for all of us, foster care in Kirklees has never been more vital.

We always have huge admiration for the way our foster carers support vulnerable children and young people. They make a lasting difference in so many lives and, during the Covid-19 crisis, their work has become more important than ever.

We have more than 200 amazing carers and we provide high-quality support to the carers’ community, but we always need more people to get in touch. Our advisors are available to answer all your questions, and we’ve moved all of our training online so that you can go through the process virtually.

Cllr Viv Kendrick, our Cabinet member for Children, said:

 “We want to thank our foster carers for their love, kindness, dedication and commitment. Covid-19 is affecting all of us and it’s making life even more challenging for many of our children and young people.

Carers do fantastic things every day and the support they provide has never been more vital or more valued.  Without them, our children simply wouldn’t be able to experience so many of the things that others take for granted.

Fostering makes an incredible difference to looked after children, enhancing their life chances and helping them to achieve better outcomes. Fostering for your local authority also means children can stay closer to their friends, birth families and schools. “

Can you help us to change lives?

For more information, visit the fostering pages on our website, give us a call on 0800 389 0086 or email



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