Kirklees Library Service adapts to lockdown

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Like many public services, Kirklees Libraries have had to adapt to our current way of life but one thing remains consistent – the commitment of staff and volunteers ensuring our communities continue to receive a high quality service, online.

Taking the service online

Over the past few weeks, staff and volunteers have been working hard taking the service online. Since the lockdown began, already over 500 Kirklees residents have joined online. The service has automatically renewed borrowed books, taking away the worry of having to return them.

What is available online? 

As part of the online system, there are now over 20,000 titles available in the e-book catalogue, along with e-audio books and PressReader where you will find daily newspapers and magazines from around the world.

For years, libraries have not been just about loaning books, they’re so much more and at the heart of our communities. There is an overwhelming amount of information available all in one place, Kirklees Libraries, to help with home schooling, learn new skills and keep informed and up to date with what’s happening in your local area.

Supporting our community 

As always, library staff and volunteers continue to make calls to over 17,000 members over 70. As well as information them about how to access services but helping them get online and directing them to appropriate service, the Kirklees Community Response team or voluntary organisations helping with the crisis.

The response from the public has been overwhelmingly positive, ranging from a man in his 90’s who was shown how to read his local paper online for free, a lady who was helped to get her repeat prescription, right through to people who are just grateful to hear a friendly and familiar voice.

Chief Librarian Carol Stump said:

Whilst the current offer might look very different to what one would normally expect, we’re committed to delivering a service which meets the needs of our communities, whilst also contributing to Kirklees’ response to the COVID19 emergency. Making welfare calls to all our registered borrowers over 70 is just one way that the library service is continuing to make a real positive difference to people across Kirklees.”

More information 

If you need help accessing the library services online please call 01484 414868 or visit our website.


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