Kirklees Household Waste Sites to open next week

We will have a new approach to household waste recycling centres from the 11 May.

Like the majority of sites across the country, we closed our sites due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now following advice from DEFRA, alongside other West Yorkshire authorities we are looking to provide access to the centres so that residents can dispose of waste that they cannot safely store at home.

How will the service change? 

The new service will have a number of new restrictions to make sure everyone can follow social distancing measures.

  • To limit the number of people at the site at any time, we are only allowing people to visit on their own.
  • To reduce the time people are spending at the site and speed up queuing as much as possible, residents can only visit the sites in their car, so no large vehicles, vans or trailers.
  • As staff and other visitors will have to keep 2m away. Residents visiting the site will have to carry their items to the skips on their own.
  • The sites permit system will remain in operation, so that only Kirklees residents can make a trip to the sites.  Residents are encouraged to register online if they haven’t already.
  • We are also asking people to wash their hands before and after visiting and to be respectful to staff.
  • We are expecting there to be significant queues, as the measures to keep everyone 2m apart mean that staff at the site will only be able to let a few cars into the centres at a time.
  • We expect the queues to be especially long during the first week,  and we are asking people to put off their visit for a few days, if possible, until demand settles down.
  • When the sites open, people will be able to visit our website to check the latest queue times and plan their journey for when the sites are less busy.

However, we will close the queue if it is causing issues for blue-light services and other keyworkers or if cars are unlikely to get to the front of the queue before closing time.

More information

More information about the new service will be available on our website and social media accounts over the coming days.

Cllr Shabir Pandor, Leader of Kirklees Council said:

“After carefully taking everything into account, I am really pleased to announce we are able to open our tips. We are working with our colleagues across West Yorkshire to make it possible for local people to dispose of waste that they cannot store safely at home.

We know that people are making more waste than usual, as families are spending more time at home.  Whilst it is important to do everything we can to minimise what we throw away, we know it can still be a struggle for some people to get everything in their bins. Unlike some places we have not seen a surge in fly tipping, and I would like to say a big thank you to Kirklees residents for working with us and disposing of their waste responsibly.  I have spoken to many of our residents and I know that they will welcome this news and will support the way we will re-introduce the opening of our waste recycling centre.

We have managed to keep all our waste collection services open throughout this time, and I would also like to pay a special tribute to our  front line staff who have all been exceptional in these extraordinary challenging times.

This is not the re-starting of the old service, but the introduction of a new service in unprecedented times. The latest government advice makes it clear that a trip to the household waste recycling centres can be included in the essential journeys criteria, if it helps keep people safe.”

Cllr Rob Walker, Cabinet Member for Environment said:

“We recognise that having access to the household waste sites is important for many people, nobody wants bags of waste rotting outside their home.  However, I urge you to think about whether you really need to visit before making the trip.  Now really isn’t the time to start creating waste, whether that’s from DIY or clearing out storage spaces at home.  Please help us to keep the queues as small as possible by continuing to store things safely wherever possible.”



  • Why not have cars with even and uneven numbers allowed in on different days?

  • Rachael Booth

    Hi what if you are unable to visit on your own due to disability and being a single parent.

    • Hello, if you are visiting our Household Waste Sites you can only come with someone else if you’re the only person at home that drives but are unable to carry waste due for a medical reason. Or, you have children that you cannot safely leave at home. Please make sure only one person gets out of the car, and only bring things you cannot safely store at home. I hope this helps ^CP

  • Hi I only own a van when will the waste site be open for van owners thankyou

    • Hi lindy, We will post any updates to this on social media or on Kirklees together in the upcoming weeks.^CP

  • Geoffrey Booth

    Mon/Wed/Fri even numbers.Tues/Thurs/Sat odd numbers.Easy

  • why have you not used a controlled system of site certain registration numbers or post codes on certain days. People do not store their surplus waste in their vehicles If they check the waste site to see if it is quite, then by the time they have loaded their vehicle and driven to the tip it could be busy again and they have to return home and unload their vehicle.

  • Please inform members of public only allowing household waste and green garden waste no televisions washers mattresses etc

  • Debra Hopkinson

    What time / days are the ‘Recycling Centre’ opening times from 11th May ?

  • John Robinson

    Other areas have opened their tips/waste recycling sites and only allow odd numbered cars on odd number days and even number cars to access the site on even number days. I think this would halve the pressure on the site at a stroke. It should be reviewed after a month. I will have to attend the site soon with some very heavy bags of garden waste, I would normally come with my son to help lift the items, it will now take me much longer on my own. My son lives with me and we meet every day so no Covid-19 problem..

  • Can’t access this information properly as the video and associated tweets are firmly plastered all over it. Been to tip today after checking it’s website. Apparently it opened at 8. Get some notifications on there! Still don’t know if I can get rid of the huge piece of furniture I took apart yesterday. The guy manning the gates said black bagged stuff only on 11th. Be nice to know!

  • Bernard Nicholson

    Can I take my garden waste to the tip. It is 20 black bin bags and attracting vermin.

  • Am I able to bring items such as fridges, cooker, wardrobes, cardboard etc or are they on restricted items that can bring

    • Hi Dwayne, the government says that you can only visit a household waste site if your waste or recycling cannot be stored at home safely or disposed of safely by other means. So you can only take waste that cannot be stored without causing a risk of injury, health or harm. Hope this helps^CP

  • Philip Manchester

    Hi there – my vehicle is already registered on the Kirklees Waste /Recycling scheme – YR12 JYJ but it is a small van (Transit Connect) – am I allowed to go to the waste recycling centre’s ??

    • Hi Philip, at the moment we aren’t accepting large vehicles, vans or trailers to attend the tips. We will post any updates to this on social media or on Kirklees together in the upcoming weeks.^CP

  • That’s great news. Will the opening hours be as before or are you extending/reducing them?

  • K BUtterworth

    Why can’t people from the same household who’ve been locked down together for the last six weeks go to the tip together? This means that large and/or heavy items than need two people to lift will continue to be fly-tipped. Not very well thought-out!

    • Hi K, the government says that you can only visit a household waste site if your waste or recycling cannot be stored at home safely or disposed of safely by other means. If you can temporarily store your waste or recycling in a way that does not pose a risk to yours or others safety or human health, then we are asking that you do that for the time being.^cp

  • Residents ALWAYS have had to carry items to the skip on their own.

  • Jeannette Merson

    Good move forward opening the tips👍

  • no details about blue badge assistance

    • Hello, If you have a blue badge please let the queue staff know when you approach the site and they will make sure you can enter. You will also be able to have someone with you in the car, however, only one of you can leave your vehicle to empty the waste. All the best. ^CP

  • Margaret Grimes

    I know it’s a difficult time but could something be done to empty the waste bins on our play areas. These are also used for dog walking and the bins are flowing over with waste. Thank you.

  • Why can’t the Council set up a booking system using our car registration numbers for visiting the tips in Kirklees ?

  • When is it likely that trailers will be re-admitted. I now have a stock pile of garden waste and also a double bed mattress and bed base
    which I need to get rid of . I do not fancy placing garden waste bags inside the car as they have been festering in their bags due to the waste center shut down

    • Hi M J, this week we announced time slots for large vehicles to attend the tips this week. These aren’t open for trailers yet. We are looking to implement further timeslots for large vehicles and trailers in the future. We need to ensure that it is safe to do so and will work with Suez to ensure this and bring residents an update. We are offering a bulky waste service if you would prefer that as an alternative in the meantime for the waste bags. Thank you for your continued patience on this phased approach. All the best^CP

  • any further updates on large vechicles visting tips yet we all pay council tax for the luxury of using tips not punished for which vechicles people drive reduces costs on vast amounts of fly tipping going on

    • Hi Kieth, this week we announced time slots for large vehicles to attend the tips this week. This started yesterday and sites are allowing vans and large vehicles today Thursday 21st May from 9am -2pm across Kirklees. We are looking to implement further timeslots for large vehicles and we hope to announce these shortly. Thank you for your continued patience on this phased approach. All the best^CP

  • Can we bring electrical items or metal yet?? Thanks

  • Hi – have you got any further information regarding the time slots for small vans? Thanks!

  • Peter P Faulkner

    Hi – when the restrictions ease , will I be able to bring my small fridge to a recycling centre? It is a worktop type and is easily transported to a centre.

    • Hi Peter, When restrictions ease there will be no issue to bring appliances such as fridges. At the moment we aren’t accepting them. We are working with SUEZ to look at how we can bring the waste centres back open fully, safely. ^CP

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