Keeping Kirklees families together

Disagreements and arguments are completely normal – but if they are becoming a problem then help is at hand.

What help is available?

Relationship Matters, a partnership between Kirklees Council and 14 other local authorities across the Yorkshire and Humber region, is designed to help families in staying together.

The newly-launched Relationship Matters website offers information, tips and support – and what better time as the Covid-19 crisis has brought big changes in the way we live our everyday lives.

Whether couples are together or separated, regular conflict and the way adults communicate with each other have a major influence on children.

Do you recognise any of these things?

  • Are you arguing regularly about things like money, housework or how you parent?
  • Are you worried about splitting up?
  • Is there sulking, silent treatment, slamming doors or walking away from each other?
  • Are you anxious or worried and is this getting in the way of managing everyday life?
  • Are you not able to say sorry after an argument and move on?
  • Are you using hurtful texts, emails or social media against each other?

Relationship Matters can help everyone recognise the signs of conflict, work out what needs to happen and know where to turn.

Cllr Viv Kendrick, Kirklees Council Cabinet member for Children, said:

“We are hugely committed to supporting our children, young people and families in every way we can.

There are always stresses and disagreements in life but, for many people, the time we have spent in lockdown due to Covid-19 has escalated these issues and intensified the problems.

At any time, conflict between adults can have a long-lasting and profound impact on the children around them, as well as putting families at risk of breaking up.

We have worked closely with other councils to tackle this issue and create the new website. We are helping families to recognise their problems and resolve them, supporting our children to be happier, healthier and more likely to enjoy the best start in life.”

More information 

For more information, please visit the Relationship Matters website.

Sometimes it can be challenging to separate between parental conflict and domestic abuse. Relationship Matters is about relationships where things are mostly respectful, equal and co-operative but are experiencing difficulties. If you have any concerns around controlling or coercive behaviour, violence or fear, seek advice from the police or from Pennine Domestic Abuse Partnership (call 0800 0527222).





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