Things to consider before a trip to the tip

recycling centre

The government says you can only take things that you can’t safely store at home to the tip.

Before you consider making the trip, see if you can answer yes to all the questions below.

If you can you should be good to visit,  but remember our staff are there to help keep you safe so please be kind.

Is your waste likely to harm or injure you if it is not disposed of?

That creepy collection of dolls that’s been sat in the cupboard since your Aunty Mavis emigrated might give you the heebie-jeebies but it won’t hurt you. If you can put the rubbish in your bins, hire a skip or save it until after the pandemic please do.

Have you run out of space to store the items until after the pandemic?

Unless your really don’t have space, now is really not the time to part company with your prized possessions or give the place a new look. If something lived happily with you before Covid-19 it’s part of your household so, like you –  it should stay at home.

Have you registered your car to use at the household waste site?

Like any place worth visiting, if you’re not on the list, you’re not coming in. You can register to use the tips on your My Kirklees Account:

Do you live in Kirklees?

We know you love us, we love you too, but cheating is wrong. So If you don’t live in Kirklees please show some love to your local council and visit their website for details of their waste disposal system.

Have you checked to see how long the queue is?                                    

Whilst we know us British love a good queue, let’s save that joy for the Boxing Day sales (fingers crossed!) Our snazzy webpage now tells you just how long the queue is.  If the queues full, please stay at home.

Are you leaving your van/trailer at home?                                                

To make sure as many people as possible can use the tip each day we can only let in regular cars, this saves space in the queue and speeds up the time people are on site.

Are you able to carry the items out of your car on your own safely?

Unless you are a strong man contender, please consider what you can carry. Social distancing means we can’t help you to carry your waste, so if you can’t lift it on your own please don’t bring it to the tip.

Are you coming on your own?

Finally, a legitimate reason to spend some quality time alone! Only kidding we know you love your family, but unfortunately, you can’t bring them with you.  To make sure, as few people are on-site as possible you need to make this trip alone.

Don’t forget

In order to allow a managed flow of traffic and to maintain the required social distancing, most sites will only provide access to household waste and garden waste skips during this first phase of reopening.

Please don’t bring…

Electrical equipment
Fuel canisters
Fluorescent lighting

We are not currently taking appointments for asbestos and plasterboard at this time.