Funding bid for revitalised Huddersfield market

We have submitted a funding bid to create a new and improved Huddersfield town centre market, with a bigger mix of sellers as well as a food a drink offer.

Taking another big step towards delivering our £250million Huddersfield Blueprint plans, we have submitted a bid to the Future High Street Fund to bring both town centre markets together.

How will we do this?

The proposals would see Huddersfield’s Open Market transformed with significant works to improve the site, making it better suited to a bigger and wider mix of sellers, including a food and drink offer. It would see traders currently based in Queensgate Market move to the Open Market site.

The creation of a Huddersfield New Market would see the restoration of the existing Open Market Grade 2* building and the adjacent one storey stone building replaced with a  new two-storey building on the same footprint. A new outdoor market structure would also house 50 stalls, five additional standalone units with storage, a service yard and car park is also planned for the land on Brook Street.

Councillor Peter McBride, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, said:

“This is another great step forward for our Blueprint plans. Our markets and traders are crucial to the future of our town centres and they are a proud part of our past.

“In our Huddersfield Blueprint plans we said we wanted a new and improved market under one roof and that’s what we’re aiming to deliver through this funding bid.

“Bringing both markets together and adding restaurants, bars and cafes will give us something truly special that I believe will draw people in to Huddersfield and will revitalise what will be known as our Creative Quarter.”

These plans are all subject to both planning permission and Cabinet approval.

For more information on the Huddersfield Blueprint, including artist impressions and a fly-through video visit


  • Rosalyn hawkins

    I too am worried about the loss of our existing is so easy to carry your shopping to the bus stop at present. The new market will be a bit isolated from transport. I also like the external panels on our existing market. Please could you re-use these?

  • Kimberley Stock

    I believe this change due to that southgate quarter becoming theatre and arts area with the blue print for the town, is a good idea.
    If both markets merge and as long as it is an accessible by all building and the free town bus is still accessible too to it, then that’d be ok otherwise my concern would be distance to bus station with shopping for those without cars.
    I see it would be nearer to Kingsgate and the new carpark earmarked for the old sports centre site too but am a bit worried its too far away from colleges or university footfall, but if were all meant to be exercising more that’s ok I suppose.
    Better than no improvement. But I think some folk will never be happy regardless. Good luck.

  • What about funding for other markets in kirklees. There dieing a slow death. Nothing wrong with huddersfield market or ya gonna ruin it like wakefield market.


    Queensgate market is best left where it is. Everything a shopper needs is in there. Meat, fish, vegetables, clothes and food and drink. Why change a winning formula or it will be when we get the multi storey car park back. Don’t forget it serves the Town Hall or is that due for demolition too?

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