Town Centres to re-open with free parking from 15 June

We are working towards re-opening our town centres as retailers plan to open their doors on the 15 June.  We are working closely with the Huddersfield BID, Dewsbury Forward and the Dewsbury Chamber of Trade to make sure people can return to the town centres safely.

The government announced that shops selling clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, books, and electronics, plus tailors, auction houses, photography studios, and indoor markets, will be able to reopen from 15 June as long as their 5 Covid-19 tests are met.  This means that previously empty high streets and precincts are likely to become much busier.

As a sign of our commitment to recovery following the coronavirus lockdown, we are making the bold move to waive parking charges throughout Kirklees until September to encourage people to visit our town centres and help build a stronger local economy.

To prepare for the increase in footfall we are also putting place signage and markings to help with queuing and social distancing on its footpaths and precincts.  We are also providing advice to businesses on how they can open safely.

In Huddersfield, the BIDs Street Ambassadors will be on hand to support people as they learn how they get used to the changes.  The Safer Kirklees Community Environmental Support Officers will be in both Huddersfield and Dewsbury to give advice and guidance on social distancing and keeping safe.

This is just the start, additional measures to support town centres will be announced in the coming weeks.

As part of the recovery, we recently announced plans to change roads to encourage active travel and make it easier for people to walk and cycle safely into and through Huddersfield and Dewsbury, more details on both schemes and other recovery plans will be released in the future.

Cllr Shabir Pandor Leader of the Council said:

“We want to make it as safe as possible for people to work in and visit our town centres.  Waiving parking charges is just the first step in our longer term recovery plans, making sure that town centres come back stronger following the virus, in order for us to achieve our blueprint ambitions for both Huddersfield and Dewsbury.

It is essential that we do what we can to support local businesses during this recovery period which is why we want to make sure our town centres are safe and attractive spaces. Through innovative art installations, messaging that positively reinforce social distancing guidance and by providing more room to walk and cycle we will not only make our towns safer, and more attractive, but also make it easier for people to safely travel to and from work.”

Cllr Peter McBride Cabinet Member for Regeneration said:

“Whilst we delighted to be bringing people back to our town centres, safety has to be our utmost priority. We will only be able to keep on our current path to recovery if the rate of infection stays within government guidelines. That is why it is so important that everyone continues to stay 2m apart and follows public health guidance around washing your hands and staying home if you feel ill.’

“Retailers are working hard to make sure people can shop safely. As we have seen at supermarkets and food stores over recent weeks, this means limiting how many people can shop at one time and queuing outside when it gets busy.  So if you do come into town,  please keep your distance, be patient and be kind to each other and the people who are serving you.’

“It’s also worth remembering that our parks and open spaces remain available for people who want to get some fresh air or meet in a socially distanced group of up to 6 people.”




  • Free parking, what free parking, been to town twice now in Huddersfield and it’s impossible to find a space because people are parking and going to work all day, so much for free parking for shoppers, will go elsewhere.

  • barbara rushforth

    can we have a map showing where blue badge owners can park please? Last time I parked in town I was unknowingly in a bus lane and had to pay. A traffic warden told me I was ok to park there too. Top of High Street. Without the multi storey this will be a problem for blue badge holders.

  • Hi Gwen, we will provide an update nearer to the time when parking is chargeable again. ^CP

  • That’s right, on Council parking until September 🙂 ^CP

  • barbara rushforth

    nowhere to park anyway.

  • Just to say a big thankyou 🙂

  • Will the toilets be open in Kingsgate car park? Or in H of F ?

  • So let me get this right people don’t have to pay at the parking meters..Thank you kirklees I know you are all doing a good job no matter what.

  • I have to agree with the comment on toilets as i have IBS and am scared to go into town in case i get taken short in the past i used toilets in pubs and betting shops.

  • Free parking from the 15th of June until September……..we need a date or we could over run and receive fines

  • I also went into Huddersfield today and found it impossible to park, returned again after a visit to supermarket, still nowhere to park, same cars still seemed to be parked as previously. People will not visit if they can’t park, we are advised not to use public transport unless essential.

  • I went into Huddersfield today and found it impossible to park, I also think people are leaving their cars all day, not enough shops open for the amount of cars in centre of town, we are not supposed to use public transport but if parking not available people will go elsewhere.

  • Hi Josephine, from the 15th this won’t be the case. ^CP

  • HI Barba, We are working to have measures put in place so people can shop safely. The Safer Kirklees Community Environmental Support Officers will also be in both Huddersfield and Dewsbury to give advice and guidance on social distancing and keeping safe. This is just the start, additional measures to support town centres will be announced in the coming weeks. ^CP

  • Hi Alison thank you for highlighting this to us. I will pass this on the relevant department. ^CP

  • We hope so carol 🙂 ^CP

  • So do I need to carry on paying to park until the 15th?

  • I hope that a time schedule is also in operation and the payment machines have full info available People need an incentive to move there car after I timely period. The town centre does not need an excuse for all day parking


    Keep up the free parking at weekends and bank holidays like Barnsley – I think OUR council representatives should all visit Barnsley one weekend to see how busy the town is, especially the Market Hall. We go to Barnsley many Saturdays rather than depressing Huddersfield. I much rather go to my town if it was worth it.

  • Are the car parks free? Such as bus station?

  • Not true have spoken to parking dept in kirkless and they have told me to pay or get a 25 pound parking ticket.

  • All good news for sure however where are the notifications referring to car parking charges people are unsure and still feeding the meters


    never mind revitalising town centres. The people must be kept safe. A lot of people wont go there.

  • Please can we have toilets open, I’ve been to Huddersfield today to shop on the retail parks for myself and neighbours but had to come home early due to the toilets being closed.

  • Thank you for free parking a while!! Will help when doing short shopping trips.

  • That’s good about suspending parking charges.

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