Working with people to develop the future of adult social care – a five year vision

A vision for the future of adult social care is set to be endorsed by cabinet next week which will form the basis of future plans to keep residents in Kirklees well and independent.

What is it all about?

A 5-year vision (2020-2024), will see plans developed to not only keep residents safe, well and independent in their homes for as long as possible but also to combat climate change using assistive technology and forge stronger links with social housing.

‘Glimpses of the future’ also provide insights into what care may look like for people from diverse backgrounds across the borough to meet specific community needs.

Who has been involved?

The vision has been co-produced with input from people who receive care as well as social care providers and will see that care in the future is fit for purpose. In line with the council’s people, place, partners strategy communities, the voluntary and private sectors and the NHS have all contributed to the vision.

Cllr Musarrat Khan, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care said:

“As an ambassador for communities I am proud to endorse the principles and priorities of the vision, and believe every community in Kirklees has a role to play in co-producing proactive and enabling adult social care services.

This could not have been more pertinent than during the Covid-19 outbreak, which served as a real test for the values set out in the Vision. Harnessing and enabling community strength brought innovation to our local response in adult social care, we were proactive in supporting vulnerable people to minimise much of the impact, and we quickly utilised new technology to keep the local sector safe and responsive.”

Community engagement

Following cabinet approval of the vision, residents will have the opportunity to work with the council as part of the community engagement process to help develop the future of adult social care.

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