What does the office look like out of lockdown? For Offset Workshop it’s looking green

Huddersfield based joinery and exhibition company swap the events hall for the office in a bid to make safe office environments more sustainable.

Large events may be on hold for now, but Offset Workshop has made the most of employee skills during lockdown to adapt their business model and design a new product to help combat Covid-19.

In keeping with their company ethos, Offset Workshop has come up with a sustainable way to create a safer working environment in offices; using reclaimed materials to provide clients with bespoke workstation dividers.

Barnaby Ward, Co-founder of Off Set Workshop, said:

“We have looked at how social distancing could impact offices and decided to explore the idea of making bespoke dividing solutions for workplaces that wish to get back to work safely, and in an environment that does not compromise on aesthetic look and feel.”

“We have always been as sustainable as possible in how we work, particularly because the temporary events business is very wasteful, and materials don’t always get thought about or used again. We work a lot with reclaimed materials, so it was natural for us to make our new workspace dividers in the same way. This pandemic has created its own problems in terms of waste. Businesses and care providers have had to put safety first and sustainability second, but we are here to offer a green solution.”

To make their idea a reality, Offset Workshop owners, Barnaby and Mark, worked with Kirklees Council to decide on what machinery they would need in order to diversify their business. Offset Workshop were then referred to the Manufacturing Recovery Plan (MRP) who helped them access a grant for the machinery.

The Manufacturing Recovery Plan was developed by the University of Huddersfield in collaboration with Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and was specifically designed to support manufacturers in getting back to work following covid-19.

Stephen Gregory, Head of Regional Engagement at the University of Huddersfield said:

‘’MRP was established as a response to the recent economic issues. It has helped to get a Supply Chain grant to adapt the company’s production systems. We work closely with partners like the Kirklees Council. As MRP, Supply Chain Programme and the University, we are here to give manufacturing support and advice to local businesses. Our team are all experienced manufacturing managers with many years knowledge and experience in the sector coupled with very specialist knowledge in the University.”

Cllr Peter McBride, Cabinet member for business said:

 “Offset Workshop are just one of the brilliant examples of how businesses are adapting in Kirklees. It may be a tough road ahead, but support is available to enable businesses to evolve and adapt and it is important that they take these opportunities.”

The council is here to support all businesses to adapt, and I encourage you to reach out if you need support but don’t know where to go.

We will do all we can to make sure no one is left behind in our recovery from COVID-19 and that includes our local businesses who are the backbone of our communities.”

More information 

To get support and advice from Kirklees Council, contact Business.Enquiries@kirklees.gov.uk

For more information about the MRP or to register for support visit the University of Huddersfield website.

If you would like to share your story about how your business has adapted due to Covid-19 please email communication@kirklees.gov.uk.


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