Remembering Srebrenica on the 25th anniversary

Due to the coronavirus outbreak this year’s Kirklees Council event to remember the tragic genocide of 1995 cannot take place in person and we have moved our message online.

The video below contains messages from local figures reflecting on the events of 1995 and their ramifications today and, by way of a formal act of remembrance, a short prayer by a member of the Muslim community.

Featured in the video is Cllr Shabir Pandor, Leader of Kirklees Council, Uzair Shaikh, Pupil of Al-Hashim Academy, Jasmina Foric’, Member of Hilal Bosnian Association, Lillian Black, Chair of Holocaust Survivors Friendship Association and Kim Strickson, Project Coordinator Six Million+ Charitable Trust.

What is the Srebrenica genocide?

Between 11 and 16 July, 1995, 8,372 Bosnian men and boys were massacred by Serbian forces in the town of Srebrenica in Bosnia. The town had earlier been named as a safe haven by the UN but was abandoned to its fate by the Dutch peacekeepers who were stationed there. Rather than face certain death at the hands of Serbian paramilitaries most of the male occupants of the town decided to undertake the 3-day march across the hills to the Bosnian controlled safe area of Tuzla. En route they were subjected to constant attacks by the Serbs and most were captured and executed.


In 2009 the European Parliament declared 11 July to be the official Memorial Day to commemorate this tragedy.

The Council and communities of Kirklees have come together annually to commemorate the events of 1995 and work to ensure that such terrible events never occur again.



Kirklees initiatives – 6 million+ Charitable Trust x Creative Scene

A group of refugees and migrants, families, students and artists from Leeds and Kirklees created cubes inspired by Rahat Lokum (Bosnian Turkish Delight) to remember the sweetness of 25 of the 8372 men and boys murdered at Srebrenica. The group also thought about missed loved ones during lockdown. This lyrical film of remembrance is an unfolding of the cubes, drawings, thoughts and reflections, with music from Bosnian composer Sanja Cin.

The film will be launched on 11th July from 11am and you can watch it by visiting the 6 million+ website page, ‘Small contentments’.


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