Wellbeing Pods to reunite care home residents with loved ones

We will purchase Wellbeing Pods for our care homes that will help reunite residents with family and friends kept apart during lockdown.

The proposal highlights the mental health impact of the coronavirus lockdown and how residents have been impacted by not seeing loved ones in person.

How will the pods help residents?

The pods will allow residents to meet family and friends in a socially distanced face-to-face way without the risk of spreading the infection.

Two pods will cost £50,000 and will go to care homes in Heckmondwike (Claremont House) and Newsome (Castle Grange).

Councillor Musarrat Khan, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care said:

“I am delighted about the Wellbeing Pods for our care homes.

We recognise the mental health impact of the coronavirus lockdown and how it has been particularly difficult for our elderly residents in care homes.  Face-to-face contact was halted to prevent the spread of the virus and protect vulnerable residents from becoming ill.

These pods will enable residents to see their loved ones again in a safe manner which will be a huge boost to their mental wellbeing”.

Who else can use them?

Other visitors such as social workers and other health professionals will also be able to use the pods to meet residents in a safe space, with family involvement.

When will they be installed?

We anticipate having the Wellbeing Pods up and running by the end of August.


  • chelseykirklees

    Hi Deborah, at the moment it is just the two care homes ^CP

  • chelseykirklees

    Hi Deborah, At the moment it’s just to the ones in the article, Claremont House and Castle Grange. Kind Regards^CP

  • Deborah Twigger

    Good to hear. Will all care homes have pods, or just the two mentioned in the article?

  • Deborah Twigger

    Two homes have been mentioned in this article. Will this be extended to all care homes in Kirklees?

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