Journey to the Amazon with Library Adventures Live!

As part of the latest Library Adventures Live! we joined our fantastic Librarian Kirstie and brilliant author, Emma Rea.

Emma took us on an amazing journey through the Amazon Rainforest where we learnt all about the animals you might find there. Emma also read a rather thrilling few pages out of her new book, ‘My name is River’.

What is Library Adventures Live?

Library Adventures Live! is a series of weekly events organised by Kirklees Libraries. It is aimed at children aged between 5 and 11, but those older will most likely enjoy them too!

The sessions go live every Tuesday at 11am on the Kirklees Libraries Facebook page. They are also available afterwards on their YouTube channel so you can watch it at a time that suits you and your little ones.

Competition time!

As part of this week’s Library Adventures Live! Kirklees Libraries are giving away a free copy of ‘My Name is River’. For a chance to win, all you’ve got to do is write a story about your chosen Amazonian animal by following the steps below.

The winner will be chosen by our Chief Librarian, Carol Stump.

Good luck!

How to write your Amazonian Adventure:

Step 1: Choose your animal – they will play the main part in your story.

Amazon Animals - KT competition

The Amazon covers around 40% of South America and spans eight countries, with over 6,000 different species there are plenty to choose from. Visit World Wildlife Foundation for more inspiration. But as Emma says in her session, the Amazon still holds many secrets, maybe you will discover something new…

Step 2: Think of something that your animal really wants.

Do they want to make a new friend? Learn a new skill? Maybe they want to travel to another land or help their family. It’s up to you!

Step 3: Create a barrier that will make it difficult for your animal to achieve their goals.

You want the reader to think it’s going to be almost impossible for your character to get what they want.

Step 4: Does your character succeed or fail in their mission?

Choose whatever feels right at the time. It’s okay if they fail, they can always try again.

Step 5: You know whether your character has got what they want, but now what?

How do they react to their success/failure?

Step 6: Well done! You’ve written your story! We can’t wait to read it and go on another adventure into the Amazon Rainforest.

How to enter 

Email your story to Kirklees Libraries at

Include the author’s age and name. If you’re happy for us to publish the story on the Kirklees Libraries website then let us know in your email.

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