Can you help Hope Jones save the world?

On Tuesday 11th August we are joining author Josh Lacey for another Library Adventures Live! Ahead of the session discover some simple things you can do to make our planet cleaner and happier.

What’s Library Adventures Live?

Library Adventures Live! is a series of weekly events organised by Kirklees Libraries. It is aimed at children aged between 5 and 11, but those older will most likely enjoy them too!

The sessions go live every Tuesday at 11am on the Kirklees Libraries Facebook page. They are also available afterwards on their YouTube channel so you can watch it at a time that suits you and your little ones.

Why do we have to save the world?

The planet is pretty good at looking after itself, but there are things that we do that can make its job difficult. When the planet feels ill this can cause all sorts of problems for animals and for humans too.

The planet gives us food and a home here on Earth, so the least we can do is to watch our waste and think more about choices we make.

What can we do to help?

Luckily, there a lot of small changes we can make to help the planet. The first step is understanding the impact we have on the environment, you can do this by calculating your carbon footprint.

There are lots of resources and inspiration available online, here are some that we found useful:

If you’re passionate about keeping Britain tidy and protecting our local wildlife, pledge to Keep Britain Tidy this September by litter-picking near you.

Recycling in Kirklees

Know your stuff when it comes to recycling, so that the plastic you dispose of is put to good use.

  • All types of plastic bottle can be put in your green bin for recycling.
  • If you want to recycle plastic pots or tubs, then check your local supermarket for a recycling bank. Alternatively, pop them in your general waste bin. General waste is sent to the Kirklees incinerator where it is used to make electricity.
  • Hard plastics like old washing up tubs, broken toys or rigid plastic containers can be recycled at certain Household Waste and Recycling Centres.
  • Food packaging like bread bags, and carrier bags can be recycled at large supermarkets.

Let’s save the world!

If we all make small changes in our own lives, we can create a brighter tomorrow. The best way to help the planet is to reduce the amount of single use plastic that we use by finding reusable and more sustainable options.

To learn more about how our planet works, visit Climate Kids, NASA.


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