New Kirklees dashboard with everything you need to know on our infection rates

You can now access all the most up-to-date figures on COVID-19 infection rates across Kirklees on our new dashboard.

We wanted to make sure that people in Kirklees had access to all the most up-to-date data so we’ve put together everything we know about infection rates in Kirklees and the rest of the country in one easy-to-use dashboard.

The dashboard shows our rates of positive cases, which areas the cases are in, how we compare to neighbouring areas and the rest of the country and more. We will update this every week.

The data tells us this week our rates have increased slightly. You can see all the information on our Kirklees COVID-19 cases dashboard. We have been working to contain outbreaks at Buy It Direct in Huddersfield and Camira Fabrics in Meltham which will have contributed to this rise. However, even without these outbreaks our rates would still be up.

We will be using this data so we can continue to take targeted action in areas that have the highest rates of infection.

Rachel Spencer-Henshall, Strategic Director for Public Health at Kirklees Council, said this new dashboard will help to keep local people informed and is urging everyone that this week’s figures show you need to stay vigilant and follow all the latest guidance in place in Kirklees.

She added: “After dropping by 24 per cent two weeks ago, our rates have increased in the last two weeks and it’s a clear sign that our rates can quickly start to rise again, so we all need to ensure we are not becoming complacent.

“We announced this week that we have been working to contain COVID-19 outbreaks at Buy It Direct in Huddersfield and Camira Fabrics in Meltham – this is likely to have contributed to the increase in our rates this week but it is not the only reason.

“However, we are still above the national average and our rates have increased the last two week weeks running. So my message to everyone in Kirklees this week is that this is not over yet. Please continue to follow the latest Government guidance, save lives and bring our infection rates down so we can avoid any further local restrictions.

“We’re also testing more people in Kirklees than before with more local testing centres being set-up in our communities. This will inevitably mean more people testing positive, but in the long run helps us to prevent the virus spreading.

“The Government announced new restrictions for areas in the North of England, including Kirklees, on 30 July. Government has today (Friday 14 August) confirmed that these restrictions will remain in place and will be reviewed again next week.

“We are asking the Government to give us more clarity on where we need to get to for these restrictions to be lifted. I know how difficult a sacrifice this has been and will continue to be. In the meantime, please continue to follow the guidance and keep each other safe. If we continue to do this together, we will see these restrictions lifted.”


  • Why has the Kirklees dashboard not been updated this week? I thought it was supposed to be done every week. It is impossible to make careful personal risk assessments about whether or not to go somewhere without up to date information

  • Looking at the data, I cannot see Hospital admissions or Deaths on there. Am I mistaken?

  • Hi Kathryn, the Government is advising that you don’t as the best cause of action to prevent the virus from spreading. Please see the advice on what you can do in Kirklees on our website Kind regards^CP

  • Endeavour routinely to access ward figures on the Kirklees map.
    Slider on 12 Oct only allows view of figures on 4 Oct. Additionally finding the ward is problematic and takes forever certainly on a phone.
    Could you not just list the wards with the latest number of infections after them.
    Would be so much simpler and more easily acccessible. You could have it additional to the map if you are so wedded to its questionable use

  • Hello, You can socialise outdoors in a group of up to six people, except in parks and private gardens. ^CP

  • However, is this advice or mandatory? Will he be breaking the law of he does the above?

  • Can you still socialise outside your bubble legally? The language used says “advised not to”, rather than saying allowed

  • Just to clarify, if I go for a walk with friends in the countryside, is this OK if we socially distance and stay away from nice tea rooms?! I am assuming that a walk through fields would not breach the rule as it is not a public venue but I do want to be sure that I am complying with any rules and guidance.

  • Hi Howard, in addition to local restrictions the Government advises that you should not socialise with people you do not live with, unless they are in your support bubble, in any public venue. This applies to inside and outside of Kirklees. Examples of public venues include pubs, restaurants, cafes, shops, places of worship, community centres, leisure and entertainment venues, or visitor attractions and parks. Kind regards ^CP

  • Hi, am I still able to play golf with up to 5 others from outside my household as long as I socially distance and don’t go inside the shop or clubhouse with any of them?

  • Hello, you can still go on holiday outside of your area, but you should only do this with people you live with or have formed a support bubble with. For further information please visit: Kind regards ^EMT

  • Under the latest restrictions in Kirklees are we still able to go on holiday to an area in Wales not under increased restrictions?

  • Hi Linda, areas with restrictions are decided by the government and reviewed weekly. Kind regards ^CP

  • I am extremely disappointed to find that the whole of Dewsbury is still in lockdown. The area where I live in Dewsbury East has no infections along with Thornhill but is still covered by the ban. I note that Huddersfield now has a cluster but has not been brought back into the lockdown rule.. Can you tell me if this is being looked at on a weekly basis or is it a case of once you have been place under lockdown that is the end of it.

  • Hi Barbara, this was updated yesterday – please visit out website Kind regards ^CP

  • Hi Andrew, this was updated yesterday please see the link to our website – ^CP

  • Hi Carolyn, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your husband our thoughts are with you and your family.

    Funerals are allowed to take place but if you feel that you are witnessing a breach in the restrictions please do email us at and we will look into this. We don’t want residents to feel alone and we understand how hard it can be for people living independently. Please don’t hesitate to contact our community response team for support. They would be happy to contact you and provide support Kind regards ^CP

  • When is this updated? Only shows up to week ending 16th August.

  • Hi Linda, Nobody yet knows exactly why COVID-19 is more prevalent in some places than others but we have begun an action plan to tackle any local spikes of infections. Best ^CP

  • When will this be updated to 23rd August?

  • How often is this data updated? It says weekly, but it’s over a week since it was last updated. I would like to see where in Kirklees the cases are rising.

  • Do you know what is causing the large rise if infections in Chickenley and Earlsheaton

  • Carolyn branford

    It is 3 months since my husband has passed away, we had a small funeral of 10 people with the hope that later we could have a family & friend get together to celebrate his live. It is beginning to seem that this will never happen. What is the most annoying is that some have ignored to restrictions and had large gatherings at funerals, which is still going on in kirklees and others are have parties in their gardens and carrying on as normal. Why is nothing done about them? It is hard living alone during this time of lockdown.

  • This doesn’t appear to have been updated – l can only see week ending 9/8 20??

  • Hi Janet, government guidance states you can still go on holiday outside your area but you should only socialise indoors with members of your own household or support bubble, there is no reference to restrictions on locations.

    Further information on holidaying outside your area can be found on the government website, thanks ^CP

  • Can we go to Scotland for holidays from Kirklees

  • Are restrictions going to be looked again this Friday 21 August? What are the chances of restrictions being eased in holmfirth area?

  • Hi David, if he is part of your support bubble this is fine. For more information please visit ^CP

  • elizabeth cartwright

    Disappointing. Checking today 17th Aug on new cases in Kirklees: but states 2, 660. This is 4 days out of date. Poor standards for such a crisis in this day and age.

  • David William Hall

    Hello l own a house in Almondbury and my son lives there on his own. We live in Hereford is it possible for us to stay in the same house and stay overnight too under the COVID 19 rules. Please can you help me out in this situation
    Many thanks David Hall

  • Shouldn’t we close down the individual villages areas with the increases Shown on the map

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