Council Leader Shabir Pandor asks Government to remove local restrictions in Kirklees

Kirklees Council Leader Councillor Shabir Pandor is asking the Government to remove local restrictions currently in place in Kirklees.

Councillor Pandor has thanked all Kirklees political leaders, including MPs, for holding positive discussions on the topic this week and for sharing their insights and opinion.

Councillor Shabir Pandor, Leader of Kirklees Council, said: “I’ve had really useful and positive discussions with all Kirklees’ political leaders, including all MPs, this week. I’d really like to thank all of them for their insight and opinions on how we move forward and I’m hopeful we can continue to work together for the people of Kirklees.

“My position is clear; these restrictions are confusing and are not working. We can bring our rates down without them in place. We understand our communities and we will continue with the great work we’re doing on the ground to target areas in Kirklees with higher rates, making sure people have all the information and support they need to stay safe and prevent infection.

“The current restrictions are keeping us from visiting our friends and families in a safe way. How is it right that you can go to a pub or restaurant that is full of people you don’t know, but you cannot visit a relative in their garden?

“I’m urging the Government to also think about the many businesses in Kirklees that still can’t open, such as soft play areas or our beauticians and salons who still can’t offer close contact treatments. Customers are simply taking their business to other boroughs. Our businesses are being held back and deprived of the same opportunity the rest of the country is getting to bounce back from what has been a crippling economic period.

“My message to the Government is to lift these restrictions for the whole of Kirklees and put your faith in us as a borough to continue with the work we’re doing to keep people safe and bring our infection rates down.”






  • Christine Pattinson

    What lunacy! There is enough lunacy!! Who are you
    Pandor to think you can do better? You cannot cut us off from government however you feel! Do we have the same expertise as the professionals advising government?

    Yes it seems that government have got it completely wrong ocassionally but … Are you so capable and knowledgeable that you think YOU can do better

    Perhaps not! What we need to do is stop all these yoyo lock downs. Lock down or or not. Just for a week eh? Then
    Back to square one. Lockdown areas with the highest infection rates until they are free from the disease!! Simples. But lockdown oh no, not lockdown and oh yes lockdown. No it isnt yes it is ,no it isnt, yes it is???? What the hell?

    Someone get us out of this mess, PLEASE!!

  • Mr. Pandora contrary to your statement current regulations are working, look at the figures. We have regulations for pubs and restaurants which are visible for all to see and apply. The trouble with family and friends meeting in private gardens is that there is an overwhelming temptation to ignore social distancing.

  • Christine Netherwood

    I think that it is a sensible approach, I visit pubs who are very much in control and take good records and handle people with dignity but also with authority. If numbers are too high people are turned away keeping the safe environment. Mass gatherings in gardens are harder to keep to those rules, children do not undertand and hugging etc goes on which is very much not the case in pubs. It is educating the people better about what is acceptable at family gatherings where households are mixing that is key. I also feel that more information around how we deal with people who are exempt from mask wearing needs to be addressed. This can lead to non -compliance for a few, but also bullying, victimisation for the genuine people. I know there are lanyards for certain categories, however there should be a simple way of proving this easily via perhaps a GP phone message. Stating the person is exempt from mask wearing. Making it clear for everyone who needs to know.

  • Given the majority of cases are in the Dewsbury area With far fewer cases in Huddersfield I don’t understand why North Kirklees and South Kirklees cannot be treated differently. This data is readily available and total population sizes are roughly the same. Really feels as if those living and wanting to work in Huddersfield being unfairly penalised. Why on earth our council and politicians couldn’t agree this is beyond me

  • Hi Chris, we have taken action against the landowner responsible for this waste, however as this has only resulted in a short term resolution we are now investigating options for further action. ^CP

  • It is clear why the restrictions are in place if you lift your head out of the sand or rather all the commercial waste dumped on the banks of the Calder at mill lane east Dewsbury or if you can see through all the toxic smoke from commercial waste being set on fire there every week !!
    The pubs and other businesses have controls in place to limit the amount of people that enters other than the free for all mass family gatherings !!

  • Well said Pandor, my business is being badly affected due to not being able to do face treatments. How long I can keep going is not very long. I really hope this week is good news for all beauty salons locally. I am 💯 Covid safe with PPE.

  • Should be by post code.

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