Library Adventures Live! Week 7 Challenge 2

What an exciting session it has been with Kirklees Libraries and the creators of Llama Glamarama! There was music, dancing, drawing and laughter. Now it’s time for the challenge…

Watch the extra special Library adventures Live on their YouTube Channel!

Have your own ‘Glamarama’

If you want to have your own ‘Glamarama’ like in Simon and Garry’s book, have a look at the Llama Glamarama website for inspiration, and download their FREE party kit to create all the fun at home!

In the party kit you will find bunting, party games, music and lots of colouring in activities.

Get involved

This session’s challenge is asking you to draw your very own llama. You can watch on YouTube as Garry Parsons shows us how to draw the llama from the book.

Garry's illustration video capture

This is all about being creative and having fun, don’t worry about your llama looking the same as Garry’s, we want to see llamas of all shapes and sizes!

Send entries into with the name and age of the artist, so we can share it on the Kirklees Libraries website and on our social media pages.

Here are some that have been sent in already! If you watch the session, you’ll see Kirsty and Simon’s attempts too.

Top tips from Garry and Simon

Drawing tips

A lot of people get worried about drawing, especially if they think theirs isn’t accurate or exactly how they wanted it to be.

In the session, Garry said that it is usually a surprise when he draws and it’s different every time. It is better to trust yourself, go with the flow and just have fun!

Being a good drawer is all about practice, pick something you want to draw well and just keep drawing. Try drawing a llama every day and compare the ones you did first to the ones you are doing a few weeks later.

Writing tips

You may put pressure on yourself when you are writing for it to be perfect first time, but in fact when authors are writing books, it usually takes years of rewriting and changes from editors.

It won’t be perfect every time and as with everything in life, it’s all about learning new skills and practice. Don’t give up if you’re not happy with your work, just keep going and writing more until you are happy.

Write the books you like to read. If you write the types of books that you like, the process will be more fun and rewarding. It will also probably be more interesting to read for other people.



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