West Yorkshire and Harrogate Suicide Bereavement Support – Case study

Throughout September, we have been highlighting national and local suicide prevention support services.

Here, “A”, in her own words, share’s her very personal story and the support she received from the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Suicide Bereavement Service.

“I found myself struggling with my emotions after losing my son to suicide. It was five years ago but time does not matter. I miss him and I felt guilty about not realizing how he was feeling. I lost a close family member some 20 years ago and this brought those emotions flooding back and I felt that I could not cope.

After seeing an advert in a local newspaper, I went online and started to fill out the referral form, but I thought it was too intrusive, so I decided to leave it. I hadn’t realized that the form had been submitted and the following day, I received a call from WY&H Suicide Bereavement Service.

I was given 1-1 support, and honestly, it has been a breath of fresh air. I have been able to talk openly about my feelings of sadness and guilt without upsetting those close to me and I can talk about my son. Most of all, it has allowed me to be his mum again. Not only that, but it has encouraged me to talk about the family member I lost 20 years ago and how that has affected me over the years.”

We would like to thank “A” for allowing us to share her case study and hope that it will encourage others to seek support.

How can you access support?

If you have been bereaved by suicide you can complete the online referral form, alternatively you can call or email:

Phone: 0113 3055800
Email: info@wyhsbs.org.uk


  • Thank you for sharing that with us Barbara, This a very difficult subject to have to deal with but there is support out there for everyone. Kind regards ^CP

  • a family suicide or any suicide is hard to live with. One of my old headmasters and an uncle committed suicide and I felt guilty. Felt the headmaster’s particularly, was my fault. I had to be an adult before I decided it wasn’t. Its good that “A” has found the support she needed and I hope others do too.

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