*Update* Kirklees in Tier 3 restrictions

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Following on from announcements on Saturday 31 October, Kirklees, alongside the rest of West Yorkshire, will not enter tier three restrictions but will instead join the national lockdown starting on Thursday 5 November.

Information on the national lockdown can be found on the Kirklees Council website  – COVID-19 restrictions in Kirklees


Following meetings with the Government, Kirklees alongside the rest of West Yorkshire will move from Tier 2 to Tier 3 in the COVID-19 restrictions system from Monday.

The new Tier 3 restrictions mean all pubs and bars in Kirklees will close by law unless they serve substantial meals, like a main lunchtime or evening meal.

You also cannot meet with people from other households in private homes or gardens, public indoor places (including hospitality such as restaurants and cafes) and care homes (other than in exceptional circumstances).

People are also being advised not to travel into or out of Tier 3 areas, other than for work, education, for youth services, or because of caring responsibilities.

You can read everything you need to know about local restrictions in Kirklees on the Kirklees Council website.

The Tier 3 restrictions will be in place from 00:01 Monday 2 November, with a review after 28 days.

Leader of Kirklees Council, Councillor Shabir Pandor, said:

“First and foremost I want to thank Kirklees residents for their patience and understanding in these difficult times. They have shown community spirit in abundance and I sincerely want to thank them for following the public health guidance. Today we have reluctantly accepted the Government’s proposals that will see the West Yorkshire region move into Tier 3 restrictions. Due to the significant increase in infection rates the Government concluded this to be a necessary action.

“When the Government’s intentions to move West Yorkshire to Tier 3 became clear, myself and other local council leaders immediately pushed for a support package suitable for West Yorkshire residents, communities & businesses. Initial discussions have secured a package worth £59.3m. This is in addition to the existing business grant arrangements previously announced by the Chancellor. This is a major policy change from Government that will not only benefit Kirklees but all councils that enter into Tier 3.

“What has been important to me throughout the discussions has been ensuring that those businesses that have been under restrictions since July 2020 get the financial support they need and I’m pleased to say we achieved that. We will continue to have discussions with Government to make sure we can build on this and that the level of local support reflects the needs of Kirklees and the region.

“We have to do all we can to bring infection rates down and we must take the situation we’re in very seriously. My message to residents is clear; please take note of these changes and follow them, as I know you will. Please also keep doing the basics such as social distancing, hand washing, wearing face coverings and isolating if you have symptoms. This is the best way we can protect each other.

“This has been a challenging and difficult time for all of us and I am in no doubt that the challenges will continue, but we should all be proud of how Kirklees has pulled together during this pandemic and it’s that community spirit that will get us through this. We can only do this with you.”



  • Thank you

  • Hi Alex, you can find out what support is available for businesses on our webpage: https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/health-and-well-being/coronavirus-businesses-and-self-employed.aspx thanks ^EMT

  • Hi David, our household waste recycling centres will stay open during the lockdown starting on 5 November. For further information please visit our website: https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/your-property-bins-recycling/household-waste-recycling-centres.aspx Thanks ^EMT

  • What you are saying oliver is let them die

  • Please what is the situation with the household and garden rubbish disposal, my garage is nearly full to overflowing!!

  • Are the refuse tips open for household and garden rubbis

  • Let’s put the money into looking after the old and vonrebl keeping them out of hospitals.And the rest of us get on with keeping the Economy going.

  • i feel for all the people who have had to come IN TO WORK NOT WORK FROM HOME and feel that kirklees has not done enough to help them all we ever get when we need something doing is O they are working from home so it will take longer yet we put are self’s and family at risk every day why not offer people a few more days holiday how do you think the people feel when we get emails and web pages pop up with o dinner from home today or photos off your animals sorry rant over

  • Total lockdown is the only way to reduce the R number … please just follow the rules… as a NHS Dental Provider we are really struggling to work under the stress of Covid

  • Thank you for your leadership and steering Kirklees to the right direction. Everyone must take responsibility and follow govt guidelines to bring infection rates down.

  • I hope the students from Salendine Nook High School and New College will be kept in school in their bubbles and not allowed to parade en masse around Sainsbury’s [often without their masks]? Younger children are securely bubbled in their Primary schools but not so older children and teenagers. They may not suffer many symptoms but they could be spreading it. The store have to have a bouncer to manage them.

  • How do we find out of the help we can get from Kirklees as a small independent business? Who do we address, who do we ask? What are the options?

  • I own a pub and this will not reduce the transmission whilst restaurant and shops remain open, we needed a total circuit breaker.

  • It’s essential if we are to save lives that the rules are strictly enforced. So the council , police and others should deal harshly with those who break the rules and the news media should play their role in identifying and publicising the persistent rule breakers.

  • I agree.No one wants to be in this situation and no one is to blame for this pandemic however if people refuse to follow the restrictions put in place then there is cause to blame and they should be dealt with accordingly.Unfortunately some of the decisions local authority are making in keeping some businesses open do not make sense to me and I fear they are starring to put financials before everything else.

  • I agree but who is going to enforce it? They can’t even enforce the current restrictions.

  • The current system is open to abuse. Over Christmas I bet many people will ignore the rules. Who is going to check on them? Will we have a policeman outside every door. Already I know people who are flouting the rules. The bus drivers don’t question anybody not wearing a mask and the drivers themselves who don’t wear glasses don’t wear masks. I’ve never seen a Marshall or police.

  • Virus has 99.96 mortality rate , how can you justify the economic damage of more lockdowns with such a little threat ?

  • barbara rushforth

    I agree

  • Our local club The Ashfield mainly serves alcohol and a few bar snacks ( not substantial ) The last lockdown nearly finished us. I’m sure this one will losing a small number of jobs. No one will care we’ll be just another statistic amongst thousands. So sad.

  • Stop playing the blame game and just deal with the situation. Lead by example and take some responsibility.

  • About time – let’s hope it’s enough!

  • barbara rushforth

    I think the only way to lessen the effects of the virus is for the whole country to have complete lockdown for at least 2 weeks. Piecemeal lockdown is not working. And students are continuing to ignore the rules.

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