Affordable Warmth

The events of 2020 have meant that many of us are having to spend much more of our time at home. As temperatures fall this could have a negative impact on our health but there are effective ways to help reduce the risk and stay warm this winter.

What can you do to keep warm?

  1. Don’t let the cold catch you out – check the weather forecast so you are prepared.
  2. Wear a few layers of thin clothing rather than one thick layer.
  3. Keep moving to boost your circulation – try to move every hour or so.
  4. Make sure you have tinned, dried and frozen food in the house so you can make a hot meal.
  5. Have plenty of hot drinks like tea, coffee or hot water.
  6. Make sure you have enough of your prescription medicines at home or have them delivered.
  7. Make sure you can check the temperature in your living room and bedroom. The room where you sit should be 21C and your bedroom should be 18C.
  8. Cover yourself with a blanket or shawl if you are sitting for long periods.
  9. Tuck curtains behind radiators, this will keep the heat in the room.
  10. Keep moving if you can, this will help keep you warm.

If you’re worried about the cost of heating your home, you may be able to claim financial and practical health help, Grants available include the Winter Fuel Payment and the Cold Weather Payment. The Energy Saving Trust have advice on how to reduce your heating bills and make your home more energy efficient. Visit their website or call them on 0300 123 1234 (9am-8pm Monday- Friday).

Help vulnerable neighbours and relatives

Check on your neighbours and relatives to make sure that they are safe, well are warm enough (especially at night) and have stocks of food and medicine so that they don’t have go out in bad weather.

Affordable warmth

Our leaflet details a range of advice and support available to help households cope with winter pressures, which includes saving money and increasing income, home improvements and help with housing. Those most likely to experience winter fuel pressures are:
• Over 65’s
• Those with long term conditions;
• Young families;
• Disabled people;
• Pregnant women and
• Low income households.

Cllr Musarrat Khan, Cabinet member for Health & Social Care said:  

“It’s really important we support our residents, especially as many of us will be spending more time at home during these coming months. We want to help people effectively manage their health and energy bills, always, especially our more vulnerable residents.

The Affordable Warmth resources provide practical steps individuals and families can take to keep warm and well.”

Better Boilers

If you’re boiler needs replacing, make sure you get a quote from Better Homes Yorkshire. Better Homes Yorkshire has been created to help residents across specific parts of the region, including Kirklees, pay less for energy and live in healthier, warmer homes. Call 0800 597 1500 or visit their website.

More tips and advice on keeping warm in Kirklees

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