Parking charges return to Kirklees

cars parked diagonally in a car park

If you are visiting one of our towns and villages you will need to pay to park from 11 January.

Please remember to check signs and meters to see whether you need to pay before leaving your car when parking charges return in January.   We offered free parking to people visiting Huddersfield and Dewsbury as well as other local towns and villages when shops re-opened after lockdown in June, this was then extended until the end of 2020.

Free car parking has been on offer in Kirklees for longer than any of our neighbouring authorities and has helped encourage more people to shop local and take advantage of the opportunities on offer for leisure and retail throughout the borough.

Cllr Peter McBride Cabinet Member for Regeneration said:

“We always intended to start charging again in the new year,  but to give people a chance to do some sales shopping or return unwanted gifts we’re not starting until the 11 January.

As we move into the new year we have to think about the wider economic recovery,  we know free parking was appreciated by both residents and businesses in our town centre,  but now is the right time to start bringing in income so that we can deliver on our ambitions for the whole of Kirklees.”

Cllr Naheed Mather Cabinet Member for Environment and Highways said:

“We’ve learnt a lot from offering free parking, both positive and negative. Parking charges are not all about bringing in extra money, they also allow us to make sure there are enough spaces for everyone who needs them, a successful town centre economy requires a regular turnover of people visiting and spending money. At the moment some of our bigger carparks are being used exclusively by people working in town,  making it harder for shoppers to find a space.”

Despite bringing back charges we will continue to monitor parking and make decisions about specific locations on a case by case basis in line with local needs.  The latest information on car parking is available on our website.

We will continue to offer free parking to NHS, and social care workers to help them in delivering their work to keep us all safe and well.