Social Prescribing Day – Support for rising costs of home schooling

A mother was finding home-schooling stressful during the latest lockdown. The additional costs of her son being online all day was using more electricity than normal meaning she was unable to keep the meter topped up.

No credit, no internet

When the credit ran out, the internet stopped which meant her son couldn’t stay online and take part in lessons with his classmates.  The mother was getting calls from school querying why her son wasn’t engaging fully with the online learning.

Colne Valley Aspire Hub funding

Social Prescribing Link Worker Rebecca stepped in.  She helped the mother to apply for a grant from the Colne Valley Aspire Hub emergency hardship fund to cover the additional costs of the electricity. Additional funds were also secured from ward councillors.

Anxiety and stress levels soon decreased when the son was able to learn online again.  He was no longer worried about running out of power mid-lesson and could concentrate on his schoolwork.

Heartful thanks

Mother and son were both grateful for the support and passed on their thanks to everyone involved in resolving this challenge for them.

How to access support

Further information about Social Prescribing can be found on our website.