Social Prescribing Day – transport to the rescue

This is the story of Luba and Debra.

Luba received an invite to attend Cathedral House for her COVID vaccination.  Issues with mobility and finances meant she could not get there on her own.  So, her GP referred her to Social Prescribing for support.

Enter Debra.

Debra rang Luba and agreed to organise transport so Luba could attend her appointment.  Luba asked lots of questions about getting there and was feeling anxious about going as she hadn’t been out since March.

Door-to-door transport service

Debra arranged for Denby Dale Community Transport to collect Luba from home and take her to Cathedral House. Debra put Luba at ease by explaining that the driver, Michael, would support her to get in and out of the taxi, wait whilst she has the vaccine and then take her home.

Some financial support was available to Luba for the cost of the transport. She was reminded to wear a mask and that there would be people there to support her all the way. Debra agreed a follow up call with her.

Glad to be vaccinated

After initially feeling nervous Luba was able to have her vaccine and was very grateful for the support to access the appointment. This was the first time she had been out since March and she had been feeling socially isolated, but she said going out today had been beautiful’.

Luba felt empowered to compliment the driver and feels confident to attend her second vaccination knowing that there is support for her to get there including reducing financial inequity.

At the follow up call Luba said she would not have been able to get there herself to get her vaccine and thanked everyone who had helped.

How to access support

Further information about Social Prescribing can be found on our website.