Big changes to council housing next week

1 April will see the management of Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing transfer across to Kirklees Council, in a decision that will lay the foundations for improvements to homes and neighbourhoods for over 22,000 Kirklees residents.

What is happening? 

The move, decided by Cabinet members back in October 2020, follows a major engagement exercise with tenants over last summer, and marks a departure from the practice of council housing being managed through arms-length organisations.

Since 2002, council housing in Kirklees has been managed and maintained by Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing (KNH). An independent report by the Local Government Association, published in November 2019, recommended that the council’s ambitions would be better delivered through a new model of housing management.

Over the past year, the council and KNH have been looking at options for the future management of council housing that can deliver the best possible service for people, homes and communities across Kirklees. A council scrutiny panel also took a detailed look at all the potential options.

What will the new council service be called? 

The new council service will be called Homes and Neighbourhoods.

Will the move affect tenants and leaseholders? 

For tenants and leaseholders, we aim to deliver a seamless transition. The transfer won’t affect their rent, tenancy or lease, and no action needs to be taken in response to this change. Anyone who needs our services will be able to reach us in all the same ways they have used before.

Naz Parker, Service Director for Homes and Neighbourhoods, Kirklees Council:

This transfer marks the end of a successful 18-year journey for Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing as a separate organisation, but signals a new beginning for Homes and Neighbourhoods, we look forward to working to improve lives for our communities across Kirklees.”

From 1 April, KNH staff will formally join teams within the council. A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes in both organisations to make sure they receive a warm welcome, experience a thorough induction, and have all the support they need.

We have ambitious plans to work with residents to improve services across Kirklees as we build the Homes and Neighbourhoods service. Over the next few weeks, you’ll begin to see the new branding appear online and in print as the transition period begins and we’ll keep residents and members informed as we build the new service further.

Do you need to get in touch? 

In the meantime, residents who have queries about rents, repairs or any other issues can get in touch in the usual ways.

You can contact us online on the KNH website or Homes and Neighbourhoods.

Alternatively, you can telephone: 01484 414886