Cllr. Mumtaz Hussain extended term as Mayor comes to a close

Back in 2019, Councillor Mumtaz Hussain was elected as the Civic Mayor of Kirklees. As the first citizen of the borough, he has represented and promoted the borough at a local and national level.

For Cllr. Hussain however, his tenure was unexpectedly extended from 12 months to two years. Due to the impact and restrictions placed because of the coronavirus pandemic, the decision was made to delay the 2020 annual Mayor Making ceremony and Cllr. Hussain agreed to serve an additional year. He will go down in Kirklees history as the longest serving Mayor to date to represent the borough.

Throughout the pandemic, he has had the pleasure of meeting with community groups, schools and local charities and businesses. He continued to support their causes and share their messages on social media during the lockdowns. He showed compassion and supported those in need as the pandemic affected our lives.

Photo: Former Mayor Cllr. Hussain volunteering at his local foodbank.

Photo: Former Mayor Cllr. Hussain volunteering at his local foodbank.

There have been a number of highlights over the past two years including attending the HM The Queens Garden party with the Mayoress and meeting Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. Not only that, he also led the moving tributes from Kirklees as the nation said farewell to HRH Prince Philip.

Cllr. Hussain said:

“It has been an honour and a privileged to represent the borough I grew up in. I have met some incredible people who work tirelessly to support their local communities and non-more so than over the last year as the pandemic hit, neighbours, friends and colleagues reached out to help strangers. It truly has been one of my most proud moments in life.”

Cllr. Hussain continues to be the Councillor for Dewsbury West.

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