Welcome to your Bloom Room

Giant spray painted daisy in a field

We’re encouraging visitors to Greenhead and Crow Nest Parks to keep them safe and enjoyable for everyone this bank holiday.

Welcome to the bloom rooms

Taking inspiration from parks in New York, San Francisco and Canada, we’ve created ‘bloom rooms’ where 4m wide circles are sprayed onto the grass to create a flower design.  The circular petals are designed to make it easier for people to continue to socially distance from strangers and make a choice about how close they feel comfortable sitting to friends and loved ones.   Each petal has room for 6 people to sit 2m apart, or more people where the group feels comfortable getting closer.

As well as providing social distancing support, the flowers aim to encourage positive behaviours such as taking your litter away, and not lighting fires & BBQs.

How long will the flowers last?

The designs will be topped up a couple of times over the coming weeks before the country heads hopefully towards the complete easing of restrictions.  If the bloom rooms are successful in these parks, we will consider expanding into other areas.

Why are we doing this?

Cllr Naheed Mather, Environment said:

“We all know that meeting outside is still the safest way to socialise with friends and family, and whilst we can’t guarantee the weather, hopefully we will see some sun over the next few weeks.   When the sun comes out, our parks get busy and we want to help people to feel safe and enjoy the lovely green spaces on offer.  The bloom rooms are all about fun, we want people to be able to make informed choices about how they socialise and we hope that this is a gentle way to remind them to consider those around them, whilst still having a great time.   We know there will be some people who may not yet have been vaccinated or are still understandably feeling concerned about the risks of COVID, and we hope these spaces will provide them with a bit of reassurance too”.

Despite the easing of restrictions we still have one of the highest infection rates in the country so it’s still important that we follow the guidance to wash our hands regularly, wear a mask where required, keep a safe distance from people around us and let in the fresh air.  Let’s all continue to play our part.”