Marquee Manoeuvres

We’ve had some great feedback from local businesses and the public on the temporary marquees we have dotted around Dewsbury & Huddersfield.

Not only have these venues brought residents and visitors back into our town centres it’s also given people the opportunity to safely savour a sip, a snack and meet up with friends & family.

But as we slowly get back to business as usual and indoor dining is back on the menu, we are making changes.

What’s happening? 

  • The Market Place Dewsbury marquee will remain until the end of June 21.
  • The New Street, Huddersfield marquee will also remain till the end of June but there will be a few changes – some of gazebos will be removed to create more open spaces for you all to enjoy the wonderful summer weather.  Both of the marquees will retain their existing toilet provision.
  • The King Street & Macaulay Street marquees in Huddersfield will be dismantled by the close of play 4 June 21.

Please continue to enjoy the spaces that will remain – it will be good to see you!

All the friendly staff will continue to still be on hand to make sure everyone uses these spaces safely.