No more loneliness for Luba

Luba is an 87-year-old lady who lives alone as her family live all over the world.

She has strong connections with her “Church family”.  A local councillor shared concerns for Luba when residents said she was walking on the roads in the dark, winter evenings.

Lonely in lockdown

Luba explained she was lonely due to the Covid lockdown.  She couldn’t attend her church and her friend from church had stopped calling to see her due to the cold weather. Luba was also very depressed following the death of her beloved cat, Mitsy.

Laura to the rescue

In came Community Co-ordinator Laura Woodson who contacted Gateway 2 Care on Luba’s behalf and arranged ambulance transport for all of Luba’s hospital appointments.  Laura also referred Luba to the occupational therapist for support with transitioning, using the stairs and being in the bathroom as Luba has mobility issues.

Laura also facilitated a call to Luba’s son and his family in Australia for a chat on Christmas Eve; arranged for Age UK to fit new stair carpet covers; asked for the church programme to be posted out to Luba in large writing and facilitated ad hoc befriending calls through the YCC befriending programme.

Chit chat over tea

Luba is still living independently at home and looks forward to her support worker coming and together they enjoy a cup of tea and a chat.  She feels safer in her home particularly on the stairs and doesn’t miss any phone calls now as she has a handset upstairs and down.

She has a nice relationship with her “telephone pen pal” from YCC and feels safer now she has a four wheeled walking frame.

Keeping up good spirits

Luba is in good spirits despite receiving a cancer diagnosis. She is being supported weekly by her carer Sharon, who is keeping a track of appointments and Luba’s mail. Luba was very proud to show off her new carpet on her stairway stating how safe she feels now and no longer fears falling down the steps.

Luba explains: “I cannot thank you (Laura) enough, you and Kirklees. You looked out for me and I didn’t know I needed that at the time. Kirklees installed a new shower for me, and it is the highlight of my day. Just to feel the water running down my body. Thank you so much.”

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