Kind, compassionate volunteers needed for Kirklees Independent Visitors Scheme

Can you spare a few hours a month to help support a vulnerable child or young person and make a difference to their life?

If so why not apply to become a volunteer for our Kirklees Independent Visitors Scheme? Full training will be given to the right people and you’ll be supported all the way in your new role.

Children and young people who are looked after (children in care) throughout our area need an adult who has time to spend with them, take them on activities and outings and be someone they can talk to and trust.

The children and young people who would benefit from an independent visitor come from a wide range of backgrounds. Many are teenagers and some are younger children.

What skills are needed to become an Independent Visitor?

  • You need to be kind, patient and compassionate and committed to the safety and well-being of children.
  • You need to be over the age of 18 and have the skills to befriend, listen to and support young people.
  • You need to be able to commit to the scheme for at least a year.

What training and support is available for Independent Visitor Volunteers?

As an Independent Visitor you will receive training to prepare you for the role, together with peer support and on-going supervision and development.

You are reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses. The role offers a fantastic opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills, gain valuable experience and make a vital contribution to the lives of young people in Kirklees.

What do our volunteers say?

Independent visitor Ann-Marie Wilkins says: “Being an Independent Visitor is one of the best things I’ve ever done, it’s so much fun spending time with a young person doing activities together. “It can be challenging too, you have to build trust and understanding, but it’s very rewarding when you form a good relationship with your young person.”

Cllr Viv Kendrick our Cabinet member for Family Support and Child Protection, said: 

“Our Independent visitors play an incredibly positive role in the life of a child or young person who is looked after in Kirklees. “

They provide friendship, advice and support and are sometimes the most consistent person in the young person’s life. They also offer opportunities to the young person to try new activities and build confidence. “

The difference can be made by something simple yet important, such as being a good listener or helping them to connect with new people and experiences. “

In Kirklees we do a huge amount of work with our children and young people who are looked after. Independent visitors add another vital layer to that support.”

More information

You can find more details about The Kirklees Independent Visitors Scheme and apply here:

Webpage Volunteer to be a Kirklees Independent Visitor | Kirklees Council

You can also email to find out more.

Closing date for applications is Friday 13th August 2021

6 Reasons to Become an Independent Visitor

  1. You can make a positive difference to a young person’s life at a time when they are easily impressionable and easily led astray. Having a friend and a close mentor can make them less likely to run away from care or to engage in criminal activity.
  2. You can make new friends and create unforgettable memories and experiences. Let’s not forget that friendship and respect goes two ways!
  3. By becoming an Independent Visitor, you join our network of highly trained volunteers. All our volunteers receive regular training and development and support for professional goals.
  4. It is completely flexible. You can fit it in around your own time and work commitments, planning activities and visits at times that suit you and as frequently as the young person wishes.
  5. Your expenses are covered! That’s right – we cover all your expenses to visit your young person, leaving one less thing to worry about.
  6. You will make a difference in a child’s life, whilst having fun! There may be some serious or emotional aspects of being an Independent Visitor, but you both also get to make enjoyable memories!