Night Time Summer Noise Service Resumes

From Friday 23 July we will resume our summer night time noise service. With the lighter and warmer evenings firmly here – accompanied by the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions across England from 19 July – it is likely even more people will be planning on spending time outside into the evenings with friends and family whether in their own gardens or at their local pub or bar.

Respect each other

It’s important when inviting friends and family round to your house whether or not you are inside or out that we all respect each others neighbours and keep noise to minimum, and more so into the evening. Noise created naturally through gatherings may not seem particularly loud when part of that group but noise from other people’s activities can be at a level where it can cause some real distress to neighbours.

What is the night time noise service?

To help combat excessive levels of noise, we will be operating its night time noise service on Friday and Saturday nights between the hours of 9pm and 3am. Anyone subjected to nuisance noise can call the team on 01484 414828 who will be able to advise on what level of noise is deemed acceptable and which types of noise we have the power to deal with. Dependent on the type and level of noise our officers will then attend the location to investigate and where possible attempt to resolve the issue on the night. If this is not possible officers will follow up in the working week. The night time noise service also responds to calls about commercial premises so residents living near a venue, such as a pub or bar, can also call this number between the hours outlined.

Previously the team have been very successful in quickly identifying problems in communities and resolving noise complaints.

Councillor Will Simpson, Cabinet Member for Culture and Greener Kirklees said:

“Problems with unacceptable, late night noise can be very distressing for local residents. They can stem from a number of places – whether it’s a neighbour next door or from a local pub a few streets away.

The summer night time noise service will provide advice and support and where possible help deal directly with any problems on an informal basis; however, they are a range of legal powers to resolve complaints if this isn’t possible.

If you do experience noise between 9pm and 3am on Friday or Saturday nights, make sure you use the service provided by calling 01484 414828.”

Get in touch

If you have a noise problem outside of the night time noise service operating hours, please visit our noise nuisance webpage for advice and help or you can reach our officers during normal office hours on 01484 414739.