Council and NHS join forces to support care sector in Kirklees

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We’re proposing to join forces with the NHS Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to support the independent care sector in Kirklees.

What is being proposed for the care sector?

Under new proposals going to cabinet next week, existing support for the care home market will be bolstered by an investment of £119,000. The funding will be used to support the Kirklees Care Association as a strategic partner.  The association will provide the independent care sector with a single, strong voice in the market. This will help to improve working relations between the council, CCG and Integrated Care System.  The money will be used to form a business structure for the Kirklees Care Association and to support two years of operating costs.

What are the benefits of a Kirklees Care Association?

A strong Kirklees Care Association will provide opportunities to work differently. It will also support and encourage care quality development and management across the sector. This will lead to sector wide digital innovations and system support. This is in addition to joined up staff recruitment, retention, training and development.

Councillor Musarrat Khan, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care said:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the care sector across Kirklees and the lack of social care funding nationally has not helped.  We must act immediately to prevent further damage to an already fragile independent market in the borough.

We need to support our local providers so that they can continue to provide good quality care for some of our most vulnerable residents in Kirklees.  Through these proposals we hope to strengthen the existing Kirklees Care Association and see that we have the right people, in the right numbers to provide safe and effective care for those who need it.”

If proposals are approved, everyone will play stronger role in the delivery of vital care services at a local level. Including, care businesses and their staff,  as well as partners across the statutory and voluntary health and social care market. This will help us all to meet the needs of our communities.