We’re ready to take next steps on plans for Dewsbury Town Park

Artist impressions of town park

On the 16 November cabinet members approved the next phase of the Dewsbury Town Centre Park development. The main aim of the new park is to make the town more attractive. Improving the town centre experience for residents and visitors alike will increase positive perceptions of the town.

What would a new public park provide?

A new public park in the heart of the town would provide an opportunity for communities to come together. Allowing them to socialise and enjoy the outdoors. It will also help attract more people into the town centre making it a nicer place to live with more open space for the growing town centre population. The park will also contribute to improving air quality, tree cover, recreational opportunities, and health.

What did cabinet approve at the meeting?

Members approved the scope of the project, designs based on the preferred option, and the resources needed for the project. Cabinet also approved the potential relocation of services from the Customer Service Centre.

What is the Dewsbury Blueprint?

Dewsbury Town Park is a key part of the ‘Greener town’ aspect of the Dewsbury Blueprint. The project aims to introduce more green space and making the most of the town’s heritage assets. It will improve and extend the public realm to make it a more attractive and pleasant place to spend time.

The Dewsbury Blueprint a ten-year programme of economic and infrastructure improvements. Dewsbury sits at the heart of the North Kirklees Growth Zone (NKGZ). The NKGZ is a long-term regeneration programme that will promote transformational change in the town.

Did a town park public consultation take place? 

The cabinet meeting follows the public consultation which ran in June 2021. Members of the public viewed different designs of the park and had face to face opportunities with project officers to find out more about the project and take part in a survey. Many people who took part in the survey preferred the open feel of the circular design and felt the style was more pleasing. Design B which included the site of the current Customer Service Centre was ranked as the most preferred design.

What next?

Designers will progress to detailed designs. Then there will be a further opportunity for the public to comment on the proposals in 2022, before we submit a planning application for the project.

The proposed site of the Town Park was originally the Lancashire and Yorkshire company. The company closed for passengers in 1930 and a was a railway goods yard in 1961. To reflect this the design concept has a railway theme with ideas about the circulation, connection and movement of people through space. For the design option chosen (option B), the emphasis is on curves and flow.

Councillor Eric Firth, Cabinet Member for Town Centres, said:

“Town centres are going to look and feel different in the future. These plans will create a place where people want to spend time and enjoy leisure and cultural activities. It’s a plan that respects our proud heritage while having a firm eye on the future, with the design encompassing elements of the old rail yard”

What is the Greener Town project? 

The Greener Town project is in tune with the economic changes that are happening across the country and by introducing more green space, making the most of the town’s heritage assets, and improving and extending the public realm, will make Dewsbury Town Centre a more attractive, pleasant and safe place to spend time.