Council Leads the Way with White Rose Forest Tree Planting

man planting tree

As the lead organisation and accountable body for the White Rose Forest, we’ve secured extra grant funding to support the White Rose Forest tree planting programmes in West and North Yorkshire.

The new grants will support the planting of 121 hectares of new woodland and over 3,100 larger standard trees in urban communities.

Where is the funding from?

The funds secured are from the government’s ‘Nature for Climate’ Northern Forest programme and from the Urban Tree Challenge Fund.

Cabinet members approval today means that we can formally accept these grant agreements and lead the way in delivering.

At the launch of The White Rose Forest partnership, Kirklees Cabinet Member Councillor Will Simpson and West Yorkshire Mayor, Tracy Brabin announced that seven million trees would be the target for planting in North and West Yorkshire (including Kirklees) over the next four years.

That’s the equivalent of 4,900 football pitches or 3,500 hectares.

The White Rose Forest Action Plan 2021-25 outlines how tree planting can be accelerated over the next four years. To build up to a sustained annual target of approximately 3,000 hectares across the region per year from 2025 onwards.

As well as planting projects on available land owned by local authorities, the White Rose Forest will be seeking the support of landowners and farmers in North and West Yorkshire to meet these targets.

Councillor Will Simpson, Cabinet Member for Culture and Greener Kirklees, said:

“In Kirklees, we have committed to making our district carbon neutral by 2038. A key part of that ambition is our plans for tree planting. These new opportunities for funding will help us to make our vision a reality.

In addition to the many initiatives we’ve introduced locally that have reduced the Council’s emissions by over 50%. We also need to do all we can to actively remove carbon from the air. Tree planting is one of the best ways we can do that.

We’re proud to help lead the White Rose Forest to plant trees where they’re needed the most. The planting of seven million trees by 2025 shows how seriously we in Kirklees, alongside the White Rose Forest partners across the region, take our role in addressing the climate crisis. Building a cleaner, greener future for everyone.”

We’ve been the lead organisation and accountable body for the delivery of the White Rose Forest programme since 2002.

The White Rose Forest is the community forest for North and West Yorkshire.

The programme works with communities, landowners and farmers to plant trees where they are needed.

This programme is one of England’s 13 Community Forests and a founding member of the Northern Forest project. It’s supported by a partnership of local authorities, national parks, national and local charities, Defra organisations and community enterprises.