Council collects 99.7 per cent of over 9,000,000 bins on time for 2021

Kirklees Council Refuse Vehicle Driver, Joe Whitwam gives the thumbs up to collecting 9 million bins in 2021.

Our waste collection team ended 2021 on a high when it emptied its nine millionth bin of the year just before the holidays, ending the year with a 99.7 per cent on-time collection rate.

Each week, our staff are tasked with collecting;

  • 188,797 green and grey bins from residents
  • 5,637 trade bins from businesses
  • 145 special bins from primary and secondary schools during term time.

These bins are spread over 157 square miles in towns, villages and remote farms.

The delivery of this service is managed by two depots, one in Huddersfield, the other in Dewsbury both of which run collections from Monday to Saturday for domestic and trade waste.

On an average winter week, the two depots have just short of 50 wagons with two loaders and one driver apiece out on the roads of Kirklees covering all those bins.

Councillor Will Simpson, Cabinet Member for Culture and Greener Kirklees, said:

“Our successful collection rate for bins stands at 99.7 percent which given the size and challenging landscape of Kirklees, is a statistic that shows how tirelessly our collection teams have worked to achieve such an outstanding result.

“Obviously, we don’t want any single bin to be missed, but sometimes – 0.3 percent of the time in our case – it’s not always possible for a number of reasons. When it does happen, we will always endeavour to return as quickly as we can to make sure every single bin is collected.

“For instance, at the end of November the heavy snow prevented us from collecting 6,000 domestic bins on the Monday, that’s one third of the Monday collection. We let residents know online and through social media that there might be problems. By Wednesday, every one of those 6,000 missed bins had been collected and the service was back on track.”