Left in the dark when it comes to being online?

Man with headphones on looking at a phone

As part of our vision to be more digitally inclusive we are asking people who rarely or never use the internet to tell us why.

We have moved towards making our services easier and quicker to access online. However, we know that there are still some people who struggle to regularly access or use the internet. We are keen to both understand how many people are affected and identify the barriers that prevent them from getting online.

We’ve developed a short questionnaire that will be available to pick up from libraries and customer service centres across Kirklees. It is also available online for people who have some access to the internet, or for people to fill in with the support of family members. Alternatively, you can get support to complete it by accessing a public access PC at one of our libraries.

We want to hear from people who:

  • Do not currently use the internet
  • Can’t use the internet as much as they would like due to cost, access and other physical factors.
  • Have access, but face other barriers such as skills and confidence.

Please help any friends and family members who struggle to get online to complete the survey.

Cllr Paul Davies, Cabinet Member responsible for corporate services said:

“In a world where everything is available online it’s difficult for many of us to imagine not being able to find what we need at the click of a button. However, there are still some people who can’t easily get online.

“Not having easy access to our services digitally could leave people feeling unnecessarily isolated and vulnerable, so it’s important for us to understand the issues and use that information to find ways to help them.

“There can be lots of reasons why people are not online; from never developing the right skills, to fear of the unknown.  Alternatively, they may be ready and willing but don’t have access to the resources that make getting online possible. This could be a smart phone or a computer; or access to a reliable and affordable data plan or broadband connection.

“If you or someone you know is not able to get online whenever they need to please pick up a survey and share your experience with us.”

We will gather the results of the survey and develop a plan to help support more people to access our services digitally in future.

Complete the survey

You can pick a survey up from local libraries and community centres.

You can find the survey online:  https://online1.snapsurveys.com/letstalkdigital

Completed printed surveys can be returned to:



You can collect a survey from libraries from Tuesday 18 January 2021

You can request a copy of the survey in a community language or an accessible format by calling 01484 456886