Donating your unwanted IT equipment could change someone’s life

Did you get a new laptop or tablet for Christmas?  Do you have any disused IT equipment lying around your house?

More than ever before, the last two years have highlighted how vital digital skills are to our wellbeing and safety.  A lack of digital skills and access can have a huge negative impact on a person’s life, including poorer health outcomes, increased loneliness and social isolation.

To combat this, we worked with local community centres to establish Digital Hubs – designated spaces across Kirklees where anyone can learn basic digital skills and access technology in a safe way.  Through these Hubs, we also offer access to devices and data for adults who don’t have this at home.

All of these spaces and services are completely free and will stay that way.

How can I help?

We’re currently looking for donations of old or unwanted devices to support our new Green Hub.  Our Green Hubs will repurpose unwanted laptops, desktops and tablets passing them to Kirklees residents who are digitally excluded. By donating equipment, you are giving back to the community, recycling and keeping useable equipment out of landfill.  All devices are securely wiped to give you some additional peace of mind.

If you’ve recently replaced a laptop or tablet, or just have some older (but working) tech lying around, your unwanted device could provide crucial access for someone who can’t afford one and we’ll support them to gain the digital skills that are so crucial to our way of life.

How do I donate?

All Kirklees libraries will accept your donation. Simply approach a member of staff or volunteer and let them know that you have a computer/device to donate. They will direct you to a place within the library where you can place the computer, and they will note down and log what has been donated, please do include all leads and chargers where possible.

Our donation drop off points are:

Please note:

  • Devices can’t be returned to you once donared. They are being donated in good faith for use by vulnerable people and families in the Kirklees area.
  • We can’t accept equipment that is broken, damaged or unsafe.
  • We can’t accept laptops without power leads, or with power leads that are frayed or damaged.
  • If you have set the BIOS password, we will need that also (this is mainly for ex-corporate laptops; if you’re not sure what a BIOS password is, you should be ok).
  • Unfortunately, the lowest operating system we can take is Windows 7, anything before this will not be able to work with Windows 10 (the new Operating System we will install) effectively due to hardware issues.
  • We can take in flat screen monitors but not the larger ‘box’ CRT monitors, and all screens should be in good working order with no cracks.

Know someone who’s digitally excluded?

If you know someone who is digitally excluded, you can refer them to our Chromebook loan scheme. We will support them to gain digital skills and they will be referred for the refurbished devices as they become available.

To find out more about our Digital Hubs, free training courses in digital skills, drop-in Digital Cafés, and how to donate your old devices, please visit our page on digital access and skills training.

You can also contact us directly at or through our green hub partner