New policy raises the standard of council tenants’ homes

A pilot project based on tenants’ experiences as they move into social housing, is being used to improve the standard of all council homes.

Tenants moving into council properties will receive a consistent standard of housing, thanks to the approval of Cabinet earlier this week.

A pilot was launched back in January 2020

The pilot is aimed at providing new tenants with the best chance of success in their new homes. Whilst ensuring the most vulnerable new tenants received the support they needed.

The pilot gave applicants who met qualifying criteria a choice of; colour scheme, new carpets and blinds ahead of moving in.  

New tenants who qualified and were moving into a council tenancy for the first time could also apply for a package of standard items of furniture and appliances, which were provided to ease the cost of moving into a new home. 

Following positive feedback…

We’ve decided to approve the rollout of the initiative to provide a new, better standard of housing for all new tenants. All council homes will be redecorated upon re-let, to meet quality standards for every new tenant.

Those needing extra support will also be able to apply for funding to help with furniture and appliances.

Councillor Cathy Scott, Cabinet Member for Housing and Democracy, said:

“It is wonderful to be able to offer properties to every new tenant that are in a better condition than they might’ve been without this increased investment. 

“The Council also benefits in the longer term, as new plaster and decoration at the start of each tenancy is likely to see a drop in plastering repairs over time, which helps improve our stock and reduces maintenance costs.” 

When will the standard to come into place?

All properties vacated from February will benefit from the new standard.  

The move to improve the quality of council housing follows the transfer of Kirklees Neighborhood Housing (KNH) into Kirklees Council in April 2021.