Council housing tenants receive free energy-saving health checks on their homes  

As energy bills continue to increase, our housing tenants are being offered the chance to have free energy health checks carried out on their council homes.

Our commitment to addressing climate change

As part of our commitment to addressing climate change, we have teamed up with charity Groundwork Yorkshire’s ‘Green Doctors’. We will find ways of providing affordable warmth and energy-saving solutions for social housing tenants living in council properties.

Saving money and reducing carbon footprints

With gas and electricity bills expected to rise sharply this year, there is no better time for tenants in social housing to take advantage of this free service. The service will help to help save money on their bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

How does the scheme work? 

Partnering with national environmental and anti-poverty charity Groundwork, the green doctors are qualified surveyors. The surveyors are expertise in offering simple, practical solutions to energy consumption and thermal loss within households.

The scheme is open to 3,500 houses across Kirklees. It is designed to help check tenants’ energy tariffs to make sure they are not overpaying for their energy. Surveyors can recommend the most efficient settings for boilers, identify repairs which can reduce thermal loss. In addition, tips on how to stay warm can be recommended. They also offer debt advice and support tenants in claiming any benefits they could be entitled to.

Councillor Cathy Scott, Cabinet Member for Housing and Democracy, said:

“At a time when energy prices are expected to rise significantly, I am pleased to be working with Groundwork Yorkshire Green Doctors to help save our tenants money on their energy bills.

“This partnership also coincides with the Council’s target of becoming carbon neutral by 2038. These 3,500 property inspections will help shape our low carbon housing strategy and help us plan for the next ten years as we introduce low carbon measures our housing stock.”

How can you register your interest? 

Text messages will soon be sent out to tenants and will ask if they would like to take up a free survey of their home. Alternatively, tenants can register their interest at

Simon Kilshaw, Green Doctor Manager, said:

“Our aim with the Green Doctor scheme has been to support people who are most vulnerable to rising energy costs. Since the scheme was launched we have helped over 60,000 households shave many hundreds of pounds off their energy bills.

“With the extension of our scheme to Kirklees social housing residents, it is satisfying to learn we can help more households stay warm, stay well, and save money on their household bills as well as contribute to carbon reduction goals.”