Brewing ideas to keep Holmfirth residents connected

Coffee and words

Brewing Ideas

Coffee and Words is a group where residents from different walks of life meet to converse over a brew and biscuits at Holmfirth Library. The group chooses words to engage with or bring something along that connects people to words. This could be anything from books, magazines, recipes, letters or just anything with words.

The group was founded after Community Co-ordinator Hannah met a lady who had recently published a book of poetry. Hannah enjoyed the book and had the idea of sharing the words by creating a group where the author could talk about her book in a safe setting.

Building connections

The group started small with members bringing along newspaper clippings of articles and letters written about war times. Many of the residents enjoyed listening to the conversation. As time went on, confidence increased, and more people started to input.

With members referred from Community Plus and Social Prescribing, the group has brought together people on different journeys to share conversations.

Blend of personalities

The group now welcomes more people. Members say they feel the warmth, care and accepting environment – the coffee and biscuits are an added bonus! Recent discussions have involved baking cake for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

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