Clip and Collect garden waste scheme offers Direct Debit discount

Councillors Naheed Mather and Carole Pattison hard at work filling a brown bin ready for the Clip and Collect service.

We are streamlining our Clip and Collect garden waste service and have made it easier for residents to pay for the service with a discounted Direct Debit option that will be renewed at the same time of year.

How will the Direct Debit scheme work? 

We have set up a Direct Debit scheme which came on-line at the beginning of February. The timing coincides with the opening of the renewals window for season 2022 – 2023: beginning of February to 30th April.

The one-off payment for the 12-month service is £45 per bin if paid with a Credit or Debit card, or just £40 per bin if paid by Direct Debit. That works out at just £1.90 per collection per bin. This is cheaper than the average cost of driving to a local Household Waste Recycling Centre for most Kirklees residents.

When the 2021/22 season ends on 5th June, all new and reregistered customers will be on a service that starts in June and ends in June 2023. This will streamline the whole service, so it can be even more effective at recycling garden waste.

How can I register? 

Residents can sign up and reregister for Clip and Collect by logging on to their My Kirklees account or by visiting our brown bins page on our website.

Councillor Naheed Mather, Cabinet Member for Environment explained the reasoning behind the change:

“When Clip and Collect was launched in 2019, residents could sign up at any point during the year. The instant and increasing popularity of the service provided several challenges for us in administering the service. We now have over 24,500 households using the service and want to make it even easier for them to reregister. That’s why we introduced a renewal window last year and this one we have introduced the Direct Debit scheme and offered a discount at the same time. This means our residents will keep more money in their pockets and they will know that their service will automatically continue for the following year. What’s more, it is also much more efficient, as it takes up less resource which offers better value for taxpayers’ money.


“We are very excited about the way our Clip and Collect service is being taken up. Last year we recycled over 7,000 tonnes of garden waste into reusable organic material. If more residents sign up to Clip and Collect, they will be helping us make Kirklees an even greener place to live.”