People from all sectors urged to play a part in flagship programme to reduce flood risk across the region

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If you work in health, finance, transport, planning, water resource management or the third sector we would like you to work with us to drive forward a new innovative programme to reduce the impact of flooding and climate change across West Yorkshire.

What do the workshops involve? 

Two workshops are being hosted by West Yorkshire Integrated Catchment Solutions Programme (iCASP). We would like to involve partners from a wide range of sectors – not just those who manage flood risk – and capture their views.

iCASP is supporting this exciting West Yorkshire Flood Innovation Programme (WY FLIP) which will bring together five local authorities, the Environment Agency, academia, industry and the third sector to deliver innovative solutions to flood resilience.

Research England is funding an initial stage of our work. This is to develop a roadmap setting out the aims of WY FLIP and plans to address them.

When will the first workshop take place? 

The first workshop on Thursday 17 February will focus on developing the pathway that the WY FLIP will take to reach its overarching aim and principles.

When will the second workshop take place? 

The second workshop on Tuesday 1 March will focus on the aims, opportunities and barriers of the five programme themes: –

  • Integrated water management solutions
  • Nature based solutions
  • Property flood resilience
  • Helping the community and voluntary sector to be better prepared and recover more quickly
  • Enhanced flood warning systems.

Both workshops will be online and run between 1 – 3pm.


The focus of WY FLIP will be to collaboratively develop funding bids. This is to attract significant amounts of funding to West Yorkshire over the next six years. Also, bringing resource to the region as a national flagship for flood innovation and resilience. Jonathan Moxon, Programme Manager, explains in this short video about how to realise true innovation and increase resilience we need ‘unusual suspects’ to get involved and potentially join our steering group.


Professor Joe Holden talks on video about why the programme is so important.

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Interested in attending the virtual workshops?

If you are interested you are welcome to attend either or both virtual workshops, please get in touch by emailing: If you are unable to attend but would like to contribute to the roadmap then you can also arrange a consultation with our team.