Welcome to Our Space

We are proud to reveal Our Space – an exciting new way of offering services for children and young people.

There is already a network of youth providers in Kirklees. However, thanks to an investment of around £1million, we are expanding youth provision across the district.

What is Our Space? 

Our Space will vastly improve current facilities used by local groups. Groups that provide a safe place for children and young people to visit, meet friends, make friends and take part in a wide range of high-quality activities will see improvements.

We will give capital grants to Kirklees organisations. Organisations will then deliver fantastic, inclusive places to support mental and physical health.

When will the applications open?

Our Space grant applications will be open for voluntary, community or social enterprise (VCSE). As well as, youth sector organisations, with details to be announced soon.

Cllr Carole Pattison, Cabinet member for Learning, Aspiration and Communities, said:

“We’re delighted to be making such a huge investment in support and facilities for children and young people across Kirklees.

“Our Space shows our commitment to current and future generations. We want every child to have the best possible start in life and we will always work hard to help young people fulfil their potential.

“Our Space will ensure every child and young person can access a safe place, an inclusive environment, a wide variety of activities and lots of ways to be inspired.

“We’re excited to work alongside local groups on a shared mission to improve youth facilities. It’s a source of great pride that Kirklees is expanding these services when many other areas are cutting back.”

Who is involved in the development of Our Space?

Families and young people themselves are involved in the development of Our Space. They’re helping to shape what will be on offer.

What will Our Space provide? 

There will be places and opportunities to do what they love and find new things to become passionate about, with facilities operating after school, college, in evenings, at weekends and during the holidays.

Funding for the programme

Funding for the programme was agreed by members of Kirklees Cabinet – our main decision making body – in November of last year.

At the time, the scheme was called Youth Places To Go. However, the name was changed after extensive consultation with youth providers, families, children and young people.

What other services will Our Space provide? 

We are also exploring mobile services to reach young people in the most rural areas, as well as removing barriers so that those from marginalised groups – such as people with special educational needs and disabilities – are supported to attend.

It is planned that two new Our Space venues, one in Huddersfield and one in North Kirklees, could be provided at a later date with further investment.

Do you offer youth services in Kirklees? 

If you offer youth services in Kirklees, watch out for further information soon about how you can apply for Our Space funding.