We will find you and fine you – Council tells fly-tippers

Tents and cardboard left at the side of the road

If you fly-tip your rubbish in Kirklees, we will find you and fine you; that’s the message we are sending to residents and businesses in Kirklees.

The notice has been issued after a series of successful recent court cases saw fines totalling over £5,300 handed out to residents and businesses in Kirklees, following investigations by the council’s Greenspace Action Team (GAT).

Councillor Naheed Mather, Cabinet Member for Environment said:

“These four cases represent a significant success in our battle against fly-tipping in Kirklees and I want to thank the GAT team for its superb work in tracking down the people responsible. Let it be made clear, fly-tippers in Kirklees; if you are responsible, we will use everything in our power to find you and make you pay.

“We now have the right to reclaim our costs in finding these criminals and will make sure we do. There is no excuse for fly-tipping in Kirklees. The council provides substantial opportunities to dispose of waste at its Household Waste Recycling Centres and we will not tolerate the thoughtless, selfish and environmentally damaging actions of residents or businesses that break the law in this manner.”

Dumped Resident’s Rubbish

Eric Farkas, Crosland Moor, was fined £1,514 for illegally dumping the rubbish of a female Dewsbury resident. She contacted Farkas, who had been advertising a waste removal service via Facebook Marketplace. She paid him £100 to remove household waste, garden waste and children’s toys.

But instead of disposing of it properly, he and an unknown associate dumped it on Paul Lane, Colne Bridge, Huddersfield. The location is a rural fly-tipping hotspot. It took three council operatives four hours to clear the waste.

Tents and cardboard left at the side of the road

Batley man dumps household waste

Darion Anthony Dawson, was fined a total of £628 after he dumped three to four black bin liners full of household waste, food packaging and rotting food on the highway at Grange Road, Batley.

Dawson was given the chance to pay a fixed penalty fine to discharge the offence. However, they refused the offer, leaving our team with no alternative but to proceed to prosecution. He failed to attend the hearing, writing to the court explaining that he had to go to Hungary. His guilty plea was accepted and resulted in a lessening of the fine.

Business dumps rubbish in Canker Dyke

A1 Motor Group Ltd pleaded guilty to seven separate Section 34 offences for loss of control of business waste. The company was fined a total of £2,830.

The matter related to the discovery of a series of incidents, between December 2020 and April 2021, all involved fly-tipping in the Ravensthorpe area of Dewsbury. On every occasion, the waste, which typically consisted of four to five bin liners, contained food packaging, food waste, and, pertinently, documents that clearly identified the source of the waste as being A1 Motor Group.

The sole director of A1 Motor Group, Najam Afzal of Dewsbury claimed to have no knowledge of the incidents, explaining that his brother was responsible for the day to day running of the business.

His brother accepted culpability on behalf of the company and the offences against Mr Afzal were withdrawn.

rubbish submerged in water

Crosland Moor woman fined

On 8 June 2021, our Greenspace action team officers were called to a substantial fly-tip on Sandy Lane, Crosland Hill, Huddersfield.

The waste consisted of numerous bin liners of food packaging, food waste and cardboard packaging. A search of the fly-tip resulted in the discovery of evidence connecting the waste to Katie Murphy of Crosland Moor, Huddersfield.

Officers visited Miss Murphy who admitted that she used the services of a third party to remove the waste but would not identify them.

Miss Murphy was offered the opportunity to pay a fixed penalty, for failing to control the depositing of her waste. She did not take up the offer, which led to her prosecution in court. She was fined a total of £414 after she was given credit for her early guilty plea and her financial position of being on benefits were considered.