Dewsbury Library space takes on a new look as work is completed

We have now completed works to brighten up the area around Dewsbury Library.

What works have taken place? 

The space is often the first thing visitors to Dewsbury see but the area was looking a little tired.

The new design aims to open up the area and create a more welcoming space.

New paving and lighting make the space more modern and inviting. There is also new robust street furniture and accents of colour in the green brick walls. New planting and library signage help to bring the space up to date. The space is more practical and easy to maintain.

The space also presents opportunities for the library to host events or activities in the future.

Dewsbury Better Spaces strategy 

The work is part of the Dewsbury Better Spaces strategy that was developed in 2019. Cabinet approved the strategy on 3rd December 2019.

The strategy aims to create a series of spaces that link through to the town. The strategy utilises existing space and creates new ones in order to deliver a distinct Dewsbury identity and accessible environment.

It will support the Planning Core Strategy to deliver the increased demand for the various types of open spaces through the anticipated sustained growth over the next few years.

The strategy proposals included three core aims.

  • Increasing activity
  • Improving attractiveness
  • Improving accessibility

Councillor Will Simpson, Cabinet Member for Culture and Greener Kirklees said:

“We want to create a vibrant, creative and inclusive town. An important part of that is building attractive and welcoming environments in towns that feel safe.

“Our public realms will continue to evolve as we place an increased focus on access to sociable public spaces, green landscapes, as well as prioritisation of walking and cycling as modes of active travel.

“As we work to embed this new normal into the way our public spaces are designed, we want to seize this opportunity  in a way that honours our existing landscapes. Retrofitting these improved design solutions into our communities to bring out the best of our towns and villages”.

 Councillor Eric Firth, Cabinet Member for Town Centres said:

“The strategic aims of our Better Space intervention include minimising unnecessary clutter. Our current design changes to the library space have made it much more accessible, and attractive. Employing the likes of green brick walls, planters, and modern paving has made it much more durable. They also discreetly embedding social distancing measures within our public realm.

If we reappropriate streets into lively public spaces for people and remove historic barriers that promote segregation, we can create a connected public realm to address equity, create prosperity, and promote healthy living and social interaction in our towns.

The town centre needs to be accessible. Having an integrated approach to sustainable transport in the town ensuring that it is easy for sustainable modes to get in and around the town centre that transport infrastructure supports the viability of the town.

We are very blessed in the Borough of Kirklees to have such a variety of open spaces, from formal parks, play and recreation areas, to woodlands and allotments. I give my thanks to the people who have worked on this project. They have all done a magnificent job, the library space is transformational.

The next stage

The work to the frontage of Dewsbury Railway Station and Pioneer House is complete. Works continue to progress which will include improvements to the public realm for the Market, Town Park, and Town Hall.

Further plans include spaces that will encourage walking and cycling and easier connections between the bus and rail stations. As well as broader uses of the town centre, and bring new energy to the town.