New avenue for career support available to those already in work

Photo showing person making notes on paper from laptop

Thanks to new funding, we are now expanding our employment support offering to help people already in work.

This programme is called Better Work. It is a brand new extension of the already hugely successful Works Better project which was developed in 2017.

What is Works Better?

Works Better has previously focused solely on support for people in Kirklees who are struggling with unemployment, providing access to new training and skills, and assistance with jobhunting and interview preparation.

In the five years since it was formed, Works Better has supported almost 8,500 residents. Almost 3,000 residents found employment as a direct result of the services we offer.

What does the new initiative mean?

The new Better Work programme is developing this support to include those already in work. This is to help them to stay in work and advance their careers.

Better Work will provide support for people who are at risk of redundancy or working in vulnerable sectors. This includes those who’ve been most impacted by the pandemic and lockdowns.  It will also support anyone who’s under-employed – meaning you’re working a low number of hours or on a zero-hour contract.  As always, our priority is to provide particular support to those struggling most.

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) has awarded Better Work over £1million of funding.  The purpose of the support provided is to help people build the foundations of long-term careers with real job security.

How will it work?

If you want to participate in the Better Work programme, we will set you up with a designated key worker.

A mixture of face-to-face and online support will help you fit meetings with this key worker around your existing work arrangements.  The key worker will look walk you through different training and development opportunities which might help you progress at work or get into the role you want.

This covers training offered by various different organisations across the region – adult learning centres, local colleges, independent training providers, and more.  We’ll also look at opportunities through the Kirklees Apprenticeships for All (KAFA) programme, and Skills Connect, which offers free adult training courses across West Yorkshire.

Depending on your circumstances and needs, we may offer to either fully fund or part-fund training for you.

By offering valuable opportunities to upskill or reskill, we want this programme to help people wanting to progress in their role, change career paths, or even move to self-employment – without fear of unemployment in the meantime.

Think this could be for you?

Head to the Works Better website now and make an enquiry, or call 01484 221000 and ask about Better Work.